With our lives only continuing to get busier and busier, there is nothing that becomes more frustrating than spending what little free time we have left in our week on house cleaning. That is why making the decision to hire a professional to clean our homes is only getting easier. What is the true challenge is deciding who to trust to do it right? So where should you look for your next house cleaner?


Since you are already on our site looking around, we can keep our introduction short:
Maid2Match is an online cleaning platform that connects people with insured, reliable, and efficient cleaners in seconds. We are aiming to change the way Brisbane residents schedule house cleaning by providing an easy to use platform, consistent quality, and exceptional customer service.

Jim’s Cleaning

Jim’s Cleaning Group is the overall name for a set of cleaning franchises across Australia. They offer domestic and commercial cleaning, as well as car and carpet cleaning. Priding themselves on being able to fulfill as many client needs as possible, they have become very focused on trying to serve as many clients as possible across major areas of Australia.

Services Offered

  • Quotes received upon ordering
  • Multiple providers on offer
  • One-off and recurring cleans
  • Cleaners can provide their own equipment
  • Spring cleaning

Maid2Match offers all the same plus some sweet extras…

  • We provide you with an instant cleaning quote
  • Online chat support
  • You have the ability to rate your cleaning team after each clean
  • Provide an online help guide with FAQ’s
  • Cleaners can provide their own equipment (upon confirmation)
  • Significant discounts for recurring cleans (see below)
  • We don’t provide the cheapest cleaners, as we focus on providing high quality, trustworthy, reliable and experienced cleaning teams

Quick Comparison Chart

Quick Comparison Chart Maid2Match & Jim's Cleaning


Now unfortunately we were not even able to obtain a quote from Jim’s Cleaning which was a shame as it would have been good to be able to show how the pricing compares between the two businesses.
Jims Cleaning vs Maid2Match on Pricing

Although Jim’s Cleaning do not make their prices easily available, there are numerous things only Maid2Match can offer the homes of Brisbane.

With Maid2Match we are able to make you some guarantees, as we have personally vetted your Maid2Match cleaning team. This means they all possess the following:

  • Strong cleaning experience and attention to detail
  • Active ABN
  • Made it through our rigorous interview process (we only accept approx 4% of applicants)
  • They are interviewed in person by our team
  • A great smile and super friendly personality!
  • For most jobs we send a two-person team to ensure quality remains high despite larger homes. This also means we are in and out much quicker than a single cleaner.


In short, if you’re looking for a high-quality Brisbane cleaning service, you can’t go wrong with either company. We can’t speak for Jim’s Cleaning Group, however we take tremendous pride in not only providing you with the highest quality residential clean, but also the easy to use platform we have built for you to book, manage and rate your cleans.

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