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What Does The Best Bond Cleaning In Brisbane Cover?

Our bond cleaning checklist covers all the important details that real estate agents are looking for so you can get your bond money back.


Includes all rooms, entryways, kitchens, bathrooms and hallways where applicable.

  • Wash walls, remove dust and cobwebs
  • Wipe powerpoints, light fittings, switches & covers – removing bugs where accessible
  • Skirting boards dusted and cleaned
  • Dust blinds, clean aircon filter and external areas of air con.
  • Wipe doors & door frames
  • Clean windows internally, window sills and tracks
  • Wash and sweep/vacuum floors
  • Ceiling fan blades to be cleaned
  • Wipe out all wardrobes, inside and out
  • Clean drawers and shelves


Includes full bathrooms, ensuites, and toilets.

  • Remove dust and cobwebs
  • Clean internal windows, window sills and tracks
  • Dust blinds, wipe doors & door frames
  • Wipe powerpoints, light fittings, switches & covers – removing bugs where accessible
  • Complete clean of the exhaust fan (remove all dust & grime)
  • Clean shower recess including tiles and all glass screens
  • Clean bath and all tiles
  • Clean vanity mirror, sink and bench top
  • Clean cabinet and drawers, inside and out and clean towel rails
  • Clean toilet bowl, seat and cover inside and out
  • Clean behind toilet
  • Wash and sweep/vacuum floors


  • Remove dust and cobwebs
  • Clean internal windows, window sills and tracks
  • Dust blinds, clean aircon filter and external areas of air con.
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Wipe light fittings, switches & covers – removing bugs where accessible
  • Wipe power points
  • Clean stove including elements, griller and drip trays
  • Remove grease/debris from stove surrounds
  • Clean oven internally and externally including the glass door, trays and racks (INCLUDED FREE)
  • Clean exhaust fans & range hood including filters
  • Clean inside and outside of the dishwasher including filters and powder dispensers
  • Clean sink, bench tops and tiled splash backs
  • Clean cabinet and drawers, inside and out
  • Wash and sweep/vacuum floors


  • Wash walls, remove dust and cobwebs
  • Wipe light fittings, switches & covers – removing bugs where accessible
  • Dust blinds
  • Clean laundry tub, sink and taps
  • Clean cupboards inside and out
  • Wipe power points
  • Wipe doors & door frames
  • Clean all tiles/splashback
  • Wash and sweep/vacuum floors


  • Vacuum/sweep/mop floors
  • Wash sliding patio doors and tracks
  • Wash window, sills and tracks
  • Wash cleaning glass door inside and outside (if applicable)


  • Sweep floors
  • Clean cupboards, shelves, and drawers
  • Remove cobwebs

Frequently Asked Questions

Finding and selecting quality bond cleaning at the end of your lease is not easy. The most common questions we get asked by people like yourself have been collated below to assist you in making a smart decision.

How Much Does A Bond Cleaning in Brisbane Cost?

Our initial bond cleaning quote is based on the number of bedrooms in your house size and the amount of time we estimate it will take our cleaning team to perform all of the tasks on our bond cleaning checklist. This does vary from property to property and depends on factors such as the age of the property and the current condition it is in.

What Is Included In An Exit Cleaning?

Our quality bond cleaning Brisbane checklist covers all the important details that your real estate agent or property manager is looking for. These end of lease cleaning tasks include; dusting, sweeping, mopping and wiping down all surfaces including walls and skirting boards. Our insured cleaners bring all equipment necessary to complete the job. Maid2Match’s bond cleaning Brisbane does not offer carpet cleaning at this time.

How Do I Make A Booking For A Bond Clean?

You can easily schedule your bond cleaning in Brisbane over the phone with our friendly team, or online via our booking form. You can even make a booking from your mobile or tablet on our website. It takes less than 60 seconds to receive a price quote and schedule your Brisbane cleaning job online.

Do I Have To Be There During The Cleaning Service?

You do not need to be there for the end of lease cleaning, you can just leave us a key to gain entry and we will take it from there. You can leave a key under the mat, in the mailbox or lockbox, at the front-desk if you live in an apartment – whatever is most convenient for you.

How Long Will My Bond Clean Take?

The time it takes to perform a quality exit cleaning varies based on the size and current condition of your home at the end of your lease. Our professional bond cleaners work efficiently while also ensuring everything from our Bond Cleaning Checklist is covered. We don’t limit ourselves to a time as our goal for bond cleaning Brisbane is to do everything we can to help you get your bond money back!

Should My House Be Empty?

It is more effective for our cleaning team to do the bond clean when the property is empty. Furniture or other items should only be left if they belong to the property.

Do You Require The Electricity To Be On?

Our cleaning team requires electricity and warm water to complete quality bond cleaning services.

Is Ceiling Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, or Pest Control Included In a Standard Bond Clean?

At this time, our bond cleaning in Brisbane does not include ceiling cleaning, carpet cleaning, or pest control. However, we can provide a quote after inspection for ceiling cleaning. Cleaning carpet or managing pest control are not tasks that our cleaning team is trained for at this time. Maid2Match’s bond cleaners Brisbane do not currently offer carpet cleaning or pest control.

What If I Am Not Happy With The Booking?

Our Brisbane end of lease cleaning services come with our 72 Hour Guarantee. If your property manager happens to find something we missed from our checklist, our bond cleaners in Brisbane will return to make it right. We are only happy with 100% customer satisfaction.

I Have Questions, Who Can I Talk To Before I Proceed?

Call us at 1800 207 686 to discuss your Brisbane professional cleaning and quoted price. Alternatively, email us at [email protected] to chat about your end of lease cleaning.



Our professional bond cleaners deliver WOW results in your home and our Customer Service team delivers the best customer service in Australia. This is fundamental to our identity. We are proud to provide the best services for bond cleaning Brisbane.  


We have very high expectations for our cleaning partners and get feedback from you on every clean they do. Unlike others in the industry, we believe it’s non-negotiable to pay them fairly. You can feel good about hiring Maid2Match’s professional cleaners.


Delivering a single 5 star experience is not difficult, but consistently and regularly delivering the same 5 star experience across thousands of home is. We have a bond cleaning checklist to make sure we are always hitting the mark on our services for end of lease cleaning Brisbane.


Percy is Maid2Match’s biggest fan! He was quite nervous when making the move from his puppy home, however he booked his Brisbane bond cleaning with us and that tail was wagging again once he saw the results!

Try out Maid2Match’s bond cleaners in Brisbane & see if you agree!

Feedback On Our Brisbane Bond Cleaning Services 

Here are a few of our Google Reviews:


“The team were amazing and did a fantastic job. They worked really hard and cleaned areas and appliances that I never thought would be clean again. After nearly 20 years in this house and to have it looking pristine at sale time is all attributed to the maid2match team. Thanks to you!! Much appreciated!!”

Tanya S. - Chapel Hill


“The professional they sent arrived on time and did a great job cleaning the house. He was courteous and efficient. There was no hidden fees and I’m very happy with the quality of work. Would absolutely use their services again &/or recommend to a friend.”

Jessica B - Bulimba

Bond Cleaning Brisbane Locals Rely On

If you are moving out from your rented house or apartment, your goal is to get your bond money back. You need a 5-star exit cleaning to ensure this happens. Luckily, we provide the best professional cleaners in Brisbane, amazing customer support and unbeaten standards. Our cleaning team provides the top bond cleaning in Brisbane.

At Maid2Match, we are bond cleaning Brisbane specialists whose sole job is to make sure your real estate agent is happy with the state of the property. Our company does this by following our bond cleaning checklist which is essential to a quality cleaning. As evidenced by our ‘72 Hour Guarantee’, customer satisfaction is our priority. Within 72 hours of our professional bond cleaning, if a re-clean is requested by the property manager, we return at no additional cost!

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What is Bond Cleaning?

If you have not moved out of a rented home before, then you may not understand what professional bond cleaning is or what’s involved. Bond cleaning Brisbane is also known as exit cleaning or end of lease cleaning depending on who you talk to. You’ll find it is a mandatory requirement made by the property manager to the tenants, in order to receive their bond money back. It differs to one time and recurring house cleans as the aim is to clean the entire house in order to bring it back to a point where it is ready for a new tenant to move in. For all of your bond cleaning Brisbane needs, Maid2Match has you covered.


Brisbane is the capital city of the sunny state of Queensland. It is the most populated city of any in the state and ranks third among all cities in Australia. Its major business district is located right where the European settlement used to be, and it’s surrounded by the Brisbane River from almost all directions.

Brisbane is also one of the first cities that were built by Europeans in Australia, prior to that it was a home to the tribes of Turrbal and Jagera people. Its name comes from the Brisbane River which is central to its identity.

Brisbane is a beautiful place to work and live. If you are in need of quality bond cleaning, look no further than Maid2Match’s bond cleaning Brisbane. We are a family-run company that you can trust. Maid2Match’s highly trained cleaners provide professional services that will leave you fully satisfied with your experience. We provide a fair price and an amazing end result.

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