Our Pricing

We’ll help you figure out which of our high quality cleaning services best suits your budget and cleaning needs. To learn more about our services in detail, please visit our Services page.

House Cleaning Price List

1 Bedroom

$139 | $164

1 Bath | 2 Bath

One-time pricing

2 Bedrooms

$152 | $177

1 Bath | 2 Bath

One time pricing

3 Bedrooms

$193 | $218

1 Bath | 2 Bath

One time pricing

4 Bedrooms

$221 | $246 | $271

1 Bath | 2 Bath | 3 Bath

One time pricing

5 Bedrooms

$280 | $305

2 Bath | 3 Bath

One time pricing

6 Bedrooms

$328 | $353 | $378

2 Bath | 3 Bath | 4 Bath

One time pricing

Flat Rate Cleaning

This is our most popular service for a reason! You pay a fixed price, and our cleaners will utilise our detailed service checklist throughout your home.

There are no hidden fees. This is a flat rate estimate based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home.

Upon arrival, we’ll do a walkthrough to confirm the initial estimate is accurate. If your home hasn’t been professionally cleaned recently, this may increase the estimate for your first service.

If you’re in need of extras such as fridge or oven cleaning, please check out our pricing list for add ons.

What’s Included?

Please view our comprehensive flat rate cleaning checklist. We have a version for once-off flat rate services and a version for recurring flat rate services.

Regular Cleaning Discounts


15% off


10% off


5% off

Partial Cleaning: Hourly Rate Service

You specify a number of hours for the cleaner to attend (minimum 2 hours). Before the service date, we ask you to send through a list of priorities for the cleaner to focus on.

Please note that we consider hourly rate cleaning to be a partial house clean. This is our way of managing expectations, to ensure that you know exactly what you’re getting from the service.

If you’re after a full house clean, please select our flat rate service.

Hourly Rate Cleaning Price List







Add Ons for Flat Rate Cleaning

Sometimes you just need some extra TLC! If you’re looking for some additional help around the house, please let us know. Our cleaners can tackle any of the following extras listed below.

Flat Rate Cleaning Extras Pricing

Deep clean $120
Clean interior windows $60
Additional room/s $28
Oven clean $60
Housekeeping $20
One load of laundry $20
Clean inside the fridge $24
Clean inside cabinets $24

End Of Lease Cleaning

You may know it as bond cleaning, end of lease cleaning, or vacate cleaning. It’s all the same to us!

Our up front pricing is based on the amount of time we estimate it will take to get the job done. However, our bond cleaning teams check in with us throughout the service to let us know if they need more time.

We will always confirm with you first for approval before adding on additional bond cleaning hours. Transparency is key!

What’s Included?

Please see our end of lease cleaning page or view our bond cleaning checklist.

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End Of Lease Cleaning Price List

1 Bed Property


Estimate based on 5 hours

2 Bed Property


Estimate based on 6 hours

3 Bed Property


Estimate based on 8 hours

4 Bed Property


Estimate based on 10 hours

5 Bed Property


Estimate based on 12 hours

Additional Hours


If needed to complete the job