It all started with what my brothers and I thought was a simple surprise – treating our parents to a house clean. It took days of emails and unanswered calls just to get quotes. Worse still, they’d jack up the price of the clean after the service, or the cleaner wouldn’t even show up to begin with.

As we started to dig deeper into the industry, we found many local cleaning professionals were having to work for pennies on sites like Gumtree or work for a big agency where they were treated like rubbish.

Clearly, both customers and cleaning professionals were not happy with the state of the market.

We decided to not just sit back and complain… but make things right.  So we created Maid2Match.

You can get a quote (and book!) online in less than 60 seconds, and we’ll send a vetted and experienced cleaner right to your door. Backed up by our Maid2Match support being only a message away for anything you need and our 100% satisfaction guarantee – we believe Maid2Match is the answer to all the issues we found with the industry.

We look forward to continuing our mission of providing a hassle-free reliable cleaning service and hope that we can serve you on this journey.


Toby Schulz

CEO & Co-founder

Jason Schulz

Director & Co-founder

Alex Schulz

Director & Co-founder

Christine Senagan

Finance Officer

Mike Manuel

Website Wizard

Samantha Di Raimondo

Customer Success

Jennifer Parker

Customer Success

Kim Howell

Recruitment Officer

Ursula Heath

Finance Manager

Lauren Schwartz

Marketing Executive

Raquel Mendoza

Operations Executive


Percy is Maid2Match’s biggest fan! He loves that he can book his clean in just 60 seconds and not have to worry knowing his dog house is being cleaned by insured and vetted cleaners. Try out the Maid2Match service and see if you agree!



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Maid2Match is about fundamentally changing the way people tackle their house cleaning. It was once the case that we all had enough time to do everything we wanted to: work, spend time with our family and stay healthy. And we didn’t have to compromise on living in a space which we were proud of. Proud for our own family and also ok to have friends or family drop by unannounced without having to scramble to clean up the house.

For our amazing cleaning partners who use the Maid2Match platform, we represent a flexible new way for them to earn money as a cleaning professional. We partner with existing house cleaners to take the hassle out of doing what they do best – keeping houses clean and families happy.

Maid2Match started in Brisbane, Australia by a small team of individuals who were inspired to deliver a smarter level of hassle free service to Australians. Thanks to customer demand, we now offer our service in over 30 locations around Australia.

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