Our Team

A photo of the team behind Maid2Match.

Your time is not renewable.

Maid2Match is about fundamentally changing the way people tackle their house cleaning. It was once the case that we all had enough time to do everything we wanted to: work, spend time with our family and stay healthy. And we didn’t have to compromise on living in a space which we were proud of. Proud for our own family and also ok to have friends or family drop by unannounced without having to scramble to clean up the house.

For our amazing cleaning partners who use the Maid2Match platform, we represent a flexible new way for them to earn money as a cleaning professional. We partner with existing house cleaners in Brisbane to take the hassle out of doing what they do best – keeping houses clean and families happy.

Maid2Match started in Brisbane, Australia by a small team of individuals who were inspired to deliver a smarter level of hassle free service to Australians.