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How To Wash A Mattress Topper

by | Jun 18, 2022 | Cleaning Tips

What is a mattress topper?

A mattress topper is a layer of cushioning placed on top of a mattress. Mattress toppers are added to your bed for extra sleeping comfort. Some mattress toppers, like those made with wool or goose down, are made to give you a cozy and luxurious sleep experience.

A mattress topper is also a quick solution to a worn-and-torn mattress — just throw one on top of your mattress, and it will feel good as new. If you’re tossing and turning frequently at night and need to improve the quality of your sleep, you may want to consider getting yourself a mattress topper.

Over time a mattress topper will accumulate dust, grime, sweat, dead skin cells and other particles. When dusting off isn’t enough to remove the dirt and other particles, it’s time to give your mattress topper a proper cleaning. 



Types of mattress toppers

There are different kinds of materials used for mattress toppers. Read through to see which one will give you the best zzz’s:



Cotton mattress topper

When it comes to practicality, a cotton mattress topper is hard to beat. These mattress toppers are machine-washable and easy to clean. They’re also one of the most common mattress toppers you’ll find in stores. If you need a quick fix for your tossing and turning, a cotton mattress topper may just be what you’re looking for.



Down mattress topper

Down mattress toppers are the ultimate in sleep luxury. These plush toppers are made from the tiny feathers found on the underside of a duck or goose. They are much softer than the exterior feathers of the animal, and are there for insulation. A down mattress topper and cold weather are a match made in snooze heaven.

This mattress topper wins hands down in the softness department. When you have fluffy goose or duck down tucked in quilted cotton encasings and used as bedding, you know you’re onto something special. It’s probably the closest you’ll get to sleeping on a cloud.



Egg crate mattress topper

The egg crate foam mattress topper has a surface molded like an egg carton. The unique form has ergonomic benefits such as back pain relief and better sleep. The dents and peaks of an egg crate mattress topper produce differing pressure levels on the skin which induce a relaxing sleep experience.



Feather mattress topper

Comfortable bed with new mattress near wall in room

A feather mattress topper — or featherbed — is similar to a down mattress topper. The only difference between feathers and down is this: feathers are the exterior covering on the bird, and are therefore more resilient but less soft than down. Some feather mattress pads use a combination of feathers and down to achieve the right level of softness.



Latex mattress topper

Latex is a premium material used in mattress topper manufacturing. Go eco-friendly and opt for organic or 100% natural latex. There are also synthetic or blended latex mattress toppers if you prefer more traditional and less expensive ones.



Memory foam mattress topper

You can’t go wrong with a memory foam mattress topper. With their layer of memory foam and soft springs, these ultra-comfy cushions are built for a heavenly sleep experience. Memory foam mattress toppers are recommended for back support, and ideal for snuggling soundly on your bed.



Polyester mattress topper

If you have an on-the-go lifestyle and need a quick-drying mattress topper for your bed, a polyester mattress topper is the right choice for you. Polyester is a synthetic moisture-repelling material that is similar to nylon. While it’s not the most luxurious fabric around (it can have a distinctive odour when not dried properly), polyester is a cheap and practical alternative to other fabrics that require more cleaning time and attention. 



Wool mattress topper

This may sound counterintuitive, but if you’re living in a tropical climate, wool mattress toppers may be the best choice for you. Wool — which is made of fleece and is 100% natural and biodegradable —  has a special quality that regulates temperature. If you’re the type of sleeper who feels warm or cold interchangeably while sleeping, a wool mattress topper may be the best solution for you.


Can you wash mattress toppers?

Yes, you sure can! Make sure to follow instructions on how to wash your mattress topper the right way, and you’re all set.


How to wash a mattress topper

To wash a mattress topper properly, you first have to know the kind of mattress topper you’re using. The type of material your mattress topper is made with will determine which cleaning method to use. How to wash memory foam, polyester, down, and cotton mattress toppers are what we will be focusing on, as these are some of the most commonly used mattress toppers around. 

To properly wash a mattress topper, you will need:

  • Mild laundry detergent (bleach-free)
  • Boric acid (optional)
  • Bicarb soda
  • Water
  • Spray bottle
  • Clean cloth
  • Microfibre cloth
  • Paper towels


Use the step-by-step guide below to learn how:


How to wash a memory foam mattress topper

hands raising a memory foam mattress

Mattress toppers made of memory foam are some of the most popular ones around. Since memory foam mattress toppers are susceptible to pressure, it’s best to give them a gentle clean manually. Follow the steps on how to wash your memory foam mattress topper correctly:



Step 1. Vacuum thoroughly

Before you start cleaning your mattress topper, vacuum off any visible particles on the entire surface of the mattress topper. This will quickly remove the top layer of dust and grime and prevent it from getting embedded further into the cushion.



Step 2. Spray with a mild detergent solution

Prepare a cleaning solution using mild laundry detergent and water. Follow the dilution instructions on the package label of your detergent for best results.

Transfer the liquid solution to a spray bottle and use immediately.

To use, lightly spray the detergent solution on the surface of the mattress topper. Remember to move the bottle as you’re spraying. Avoid spraying too much on one spot to prevent soaking the mattress topper through. 



Step 3. Spot clean stubborn stains

Mattress topper stain cleaning

To remove stubborn stains on your memory foam mattress topper, use a mixture made with equal amounts of mild laundry detergent and water. Dip a clean, dry cloth in the solution and use this to spot treat the stains. Use a circular motion and gently rub. Avoid scrubbing to prevent damaging the fabric.

For hard-to-remove stains, you can use boric acid as a stain remover. Start by blotting the stained area using a cloth dipped in warm water. Sprinkle a small amount of boric acid on the surface of the mattress topper and allow the powder to work through.

When the stain has absorbed the boric acid, wipe it off using gentle circular motions. Blot the area with a moistened cloth or paper towels until there is no more boric acid left on the surface of the mattress topper. Dry the spot by letting your microfibre cloth absorb the excess moisture, then allow it to air dry.



Step 4. Deodorise

Go the extra mile and deodorise your mattress topper by sprinkling baking soda on the surface. This will remove unpleasant odours such as pet urine, sweat, vomit, and other excretions.

You can even infuse the baking soda with any essential oil of your choice! We use a combination of tea tree oil and lemon for effective antimicrobial and cleansing action. Trust us, this step will leave you with a fresh-smelling bed you can’t wait to sleep in.



Step 5. Allow to dry

Once your mattress topper is clean and stain-free, allow it to air dry completely before using. You don’t want mould and bacteria to grow on your mattress topper, and this is likely to happen if there’s excess moisture left in the foam.

Bring out your mattress to dry out in the morning sun for about thirty minutes. The duration of sun exposure depends on the weather in your area, but avoid letting it sit under direct sunlight for too long. The excessive heat may melt the fibres of the memory foam and cause permanent damage.

Transfer your memory foam mattress topper indoors and allow air to circulate well. As soon as the mattress topper is completely dry, you can proceed to place it back on your mattress.



How to wash a polyester mattress topper

Polyester mattress toppers are easy to clean and dry easily. Make sure that you read the care instructions before proceeding with the cleaning. To wash your polyester mattress topper the right way, simply follow these quick and easy steps:



Step 1. Vacuum the mattress topper

Female hand with yellow glove use vacuum cleaner machine for cleaning mattress topper

Using a vacuum cleaner, remove any particles on the entire surface of your polyester mattress topper.



Step 2. Spot treat the stains

Pre-treat the stains before washing your mattress topper by spraying on a mild detergent solution on the stained area. Gently wipe off using a gentle circular motion.



Step 3. Wash using a mild liquid laundry detergent

Set your washing machine to a low or delicate setting. Wash your polyester mattress topper using cold water and a mild laundry detergent. You can also use a liquid hand soap for this. Whatever your preferred cleaning agent is, it should be gentle and safe enough for the polyester material.



Step 4. Tumble dry

Place your mattress topper in the dryer using a low setting. We recommend adding dryer balls to prevent the mattress topper from bunching up during the cycle. As soon as it is done drying, remove immediately from the dryer and allow it to air dry completely.



How to wash a down mattress topper

mattress bed gray topper in a modern bed room

A down mattress topper means luxurious sleep. The delicate material of the mattress topper also means greater care is needed when you’re washing it. Follow these steps to properly wash your down mattress topper:



Step 1. Place the mattress topper in the washer

Gently place your down mattress topper in the washing machine. When washing large pieces of fabric, we recommend using a front-loading over a top-loading washing machine.

From personal experience, a front-loading washing machine results in less wear-and-tear and wrinkles. It’s also easier to take out huge pieces of laundry when the opening of your washer is in the front.



Step 2. Set the washing machine to ‘Delicate’

Set your washing machine to low or ‘Delicate’. Warm water and a gentle liquid detergent is best suited when washing a down mattress topper. Run your mattress topper for one wash cycle.



Step 3. Rinse thoroughly

Make sure your mattress topper is rinsed thoroughly. A well-rinsed mattress topper ensures that it retains its soft and plush composition when dried.

To achieve this, rinse your mattress topper under two cycles. Using a small amount of soap also helps — less is more when using laundry detergent on a down mattress topper.



Step 4. Tumble dry

Once your mattress topper is washed, transfer it to your dryer and use a low setting. Remove immediately from the dryer when it’s ready and place on a railing to air dry completely.



How to wash a cotton mattress topper

cotton mattress topper

If you own a cotton mattress topper, you’re in luck. This mattress topper is the easiest to clean! Here’s how:


Step 1. Place in the washer

After reading the instructions in the care label, place your cotton mattress topper in the washing machine.


Step 2. Wash with mild detergent

Depending on the manufacturer’s instructions, wash your mattress topper using warm or cold water and a mild laundry detergent. 


Step 3. Tumble dry

Dry your mattress topper using a low setting, then allow it to air dry before using.



Give your bedroom the ultimate clean

For the ultimate fresh-smelling bedroom, washing your mattress topper and mattress protector regularly is a must. Spruce up your bedroom even further by getting deep cleaning services for your home. With a professional top-to-bottom clean, you’ll have tidy and spotless interiors you’ll surely enjoy staying in.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.