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Hands in green rubber protective gloves wash the head of the shower with the help of a cleaning spray.

The Best Shower Cleaners In Australia 2024

by | Apr 13, 2024 | Shower Cleaning

Keeping our showers clean is essential, not just for hygiene but also to maintain the shine and life of shower installations.

The Australian market has seen a surge in high-quality cleaning products in recent years, so choosing the best one for your needs can be overwhelming.

Whether you’re looking for commercial shower cleaning products or a homemade solution, we’ve got you covered in this guide.

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Best overall shower cleaner: Koala Eco Natural Multi-purpose Bathroom Cleaner

Koala Eco Natural Multi-Purpose Bathroom Cleaner

Harness the power of native Australian plants with the Koala Eco Natural Multi-purpose Bathroom Cleaner.

This solution is derived from ingredients that effectively tackle germs and are environmentally friendly.

What sets Koala Eco apart even further is its commitment to sustainability. 

The cleaner is housed in recyclable containers made from previously recycled materials, reducing plastic waste. 

Its pleasing, natural fragrance ensures your shower smells as fresh as it looks, giving you a spa-like experience each time you step in.

Best homemade shower cleaner: Distilled White Vinegar + Zero Co Dishwashing Liquid

White Vinegar and Zero Co Dishwashing Liquid

Mixing the grease-fighting capability of Zero Co’s Dishwashing Liquid with the natural acidic properties of white vinegar creates a potent homemade cleaning solution.

This dynamic duo works wonders on a range of stains and build-ups, and it’s gentle on most surfaces.

It’s an affordable and versatile cleaner for those looking to avoid chemical-laden products.

You get to clean your home and help the earth by choosing eco-friendly, organic cleaning solutions.

Best no scrub shower cleaner: Astonish Daily Shower Shine

Astonish Daily Shower Shine

If you’re not one for elbow grease, Astonish Daily Shower Shine is for you.

Its unique formula sticks to shower surfaces, breaking down daily build-up without rigorous scrubbing.

Just spray and rinse, and you’re good to go.

Enjoy a gleaming shower with minimal effort.

Best natural shower cleaner: Zero Co Bathroom & Shower Cleaner Combo

Zero Co Bathroom & Shower Cleaner Combo

Zero Co’s cleaning combo stands out for being both effective and eco-conscious.

Designed to tackle various bathroom grimes and other shower nasties, its formula relies on natural, biodegradable ingredients that are kind to the planet.

And the best part? It comes in reusable packaging, ensuring a reduced carbon footprint.

Best shower glass cleaner: Koala Eco Glass Cleaner

Koala Eco Glass Cleaner

Koala Eco’s Glass Cleaner is a must-have for crystal clear, streak-free glass.

Infused with the refreshing aroma of eucalyptus, this cleaner ensures that your shower glass shines and leaves behind a calming scent.

Its plant-based formula ensures it’s safe for the environment while being tough on grime.

Best shower grout cleaner: The Pink Stuff Miracle Cream Cleaner

The Pink Stuff Miracle Cream Cleaner

Dirty grout lines are a thing of the past with The Pink Stuff Miracle Cream Cleaner.

This cream-based solution penetrates deeply, lifting away years of accumulated dirt, leaving grout looking renewed and bright.

Its powerful formulation ensures that even the most stubborn grime is banished from your shower.

Best shower head cleaner: Distilled White Vinegar

2L Woolworths White Vinegar for cleaning

Mineral build-up on shower heads can impede water flow and cause unsightly stains.

Distilled white vinegar acts as a natural descaler, breaking down these deposits without harming the metal.

Simply soaking the shower head in this natural solution can restore its shine and improve its efficiency.

Best shower drain cleaner: Liquid-Plumr Drain Clog Destroyer + Hair Clog Eliminator

Liquid-Plumr Drain Clog Destroyer + Hair Clog Eliminator

A clogged drain can be a nightmare.

Fortunately, Liquid-Plumr combines the power of its Drain Clog Destroyer with its Hair Clog Eliminator to provide a dual-action solution.

Not only does it dissolve existing blockages, but it also prevents future ones.

Best shower tile cleaner: Method Bathroom Cleaner Tub + Tile

Method Bathroom Cleaner Tub + Tile

Method’s bathroom cleaner is a non-toxic yet powerful solution tailored for tiles.

Whether it’s water stains or soap scum, this formula penetrates and lifts grime, restoring the natural shine of your tiles.

Plus, it’s gentle enough for frequent use, ensuring your tiles always look their best.

Best shower cleaner for mould: Ajax Professional Mould Remover Cleaner

Ajax Professional Mould Remover Cleaner

Mould can be dangerous, and because the shower is often damp and warm, it’s usually where mould grows the most.

Ajax’s mould remover is a powerful formulation built to combat and eliminate harmful mould.

Its formula gets deep into surfaces to eradicate mould spores, preventing recurrence.

The result is not just a cleaner shower, but also a healthier environment for you and your family.

Best shower cleaner for soap scum and hard water stains: Ajax Professional Bathroom Antibacterial Disinfectant Cleaner

Ajax Professional Bathroom Antibacterial Disinfectant Cleaner

Combatting stubborn soap scum is a breeze with Ajax Professional Bathroom Disinfectant Cleaner.

Its advanced formula breaks down and lifts away soap scum and hard water stains while also disinfecting the surface.

It also boasts antibacterial properties, ensuring a clean, hygienic bathroom and shower.

Best shower cleaner for orange stains: Distilled White Vinegar + Lemon Juice

Orange stains in your shower, often caused by iron in the water, can be tough to tackle.

However, the natural acidity of lemon juice combined with vinegar provides a potent, eco-friendly solution.

If orange persists, especially in the form of a slimy texture, it might be pink mould, which may require a different treatment approach.

You will be better off consulting a professional cleaner or your water provider if you suspect pink mould is growing in your shower.

What to know when buying a shower cleaner

A shower cleaner isn’t just a purchase – it’s an investment in the cleanliness and longevity of your bathroom!

Knowing what to buy and how to choose the right shower cleaner means you get the best bang for your buck.


1. Ingredients

Before anything else, check the ingredients on the back of the package.

If you’re eco-conscious, you might want to opt for a cleaner that boasts a natural or plant-based formula.

These cleaners tend to be free from harmful chemicals and are biodegradable.

However, if you have severe mould or stains, a stronger chemical-based cleaner may be necessary.

Lastly, make sure you check for allergens, especially if someone in the house has asthma or other sensitivities.


2. Surface compatibility

clear glass in soapy foam, a hand in a pink glove and a sponge washes the glass

Different shower materials need different cleaning products.

Some cleaners are versatile (aka multi-purpose) and can be used on various surfaces.

Others might be formulated specifically for tiles, glass or acrylic.


3. Type of shower cleaner

As you might have noticed from our list above, shower cleaners come in many forms:

  • Sprays: Ideal for daily or weekly cleanings, they are easy to use and usually work well on all surfaces.
  • Creams or pastes: Best for a deeper clean, perfect for grout or more stubborn stains.
  • Gels: Typically for drains, they’re designed to tackle hair and soap build-up.
  • Wipes: Convenient for quick touch-ups or spot cleaning.
  • Natural / organic solutions: Like vinegar or baking soda solutions, these are often homemade and offer a more eco-friendly approach.



Should I use a sponge or brush to clean my shower?

If you’re doing general shower cleaning, go for a sponge since they can easily tackle soap scum.

If you want a deeper, more thorough clean, brushes are ideal for grout lines and tougher stains.


What is the best device to clean glass shower doors or shower screens?

Professional cleaner cleaning shower glass with a microfibre cloth

Microfibre cloths combined with a good quality cleaner like Koala Eco Glass Cleaner can leave your screens spotless.

For stubborn stains, a squeegee can be very effective.


What harsh chemicals should I watch out for when choosing a shower cleaner?

Avoid cleaners containing bleach, ammonia, or sodium hydroxide.

You should ideally go for eco-friendly or septic safe cleaning products to keep you and your home safe.


So, what do professionals use to clean showers?

Professional cleaner cleaning the shower tiles

The choice really depends on the situation and how often you want (or need!) to clean your shower.

Our cleaning experts use a combination of commercial products and homemade cleaning solutions.

But your best bet is to do weekly cleanings.

This can prevent build-up, ensuring that your shower remains a hygienic and serene space.

About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.