Toowoomba's Fun and Free Activities

Toowoomba is renowned as a place full of fun and free activities that keep you busy, well-rested and properly entertained. Even if all that you’re interested in is picnic with your loved ones, the city has plenty of wonderful spots for just that.

Below is a list of some wonderfully fun and free activities to do when in Toowoomba.


Adorned with several beautiful parks, you will be spoilt for choice trying to select one place for a walk or family picnic. The parks remain resplendent all year through. They are well maintained and safe. A few examples of parks worth visiting include:

  1. Japanese Gardens
  2. Laurel Bank Park
  3. Queens Park
  4. Lake Annand
  5. Newton State Garden and Picnic Point

Cobb and Co. Museum

Visit the home of the National Carriage Collection. As part of the famous Queensland Museum, it is replete with coaches and vehicles from the past. Visit it for a chance to see delivery carts, farm wagons, and landau. Its opening hours are between 10am and 4pm every day.


If you love water-based activities, you should plan to visit the city’s numerous waterfalls. Even though one of the most popular and well-known waterfalls – Crows Nest Falls – has been closed off, others remain open. The ones worth visiting include the following:

  1. Kauyoo Pool
  2. The Cascades Pool
  3. Bottlebrush Pool
  4. Queen Mary Falls, which is one of the World Heritage Sites in Australia

Rudd’s Pub

Rudd’s Pub is a must-visit site for anybody interested in seeing a building that was put up in 1893. Initially, it was known as Davenporter Hotel before being renamed to Rudd’s Pub during the 1980s. Although a pub, it has everything you would expect to get from a museum.

Jondaryan Woolshed

Although it’s located in rural surroundings, there’s no doubt that Jondaryan Woolshed is a place worth visiting. It offers visitors the chance of taking part in several activities. Activities worth doing while here include:

  • Self-guided tour of the place
  • Self-guided tour of the museum village
  • Visiting Woolshed Café Restaurant for sumptuous meals

Art in Toowoomba

Toowoomba has a vibrant art scene. It is renowned for some beautifully painted murals found all over the city. Alternatively, you may opt to visit Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery to see some of the most beautiful art works on display in the whole city.


Toowoomba has plenty of places you can visit to do some bushwalking. Some of these include Table Top Mountain. The Ravensbourne National Park together with Crows Nest National Park is worth spending time at for the much-needed bushwalking.

DownsSteam Railway

Anybody who knows the history of Toowoomba well enough understands that the city is closely associated with the rail system in the country. A visit to the DownsSteam Railway offers visitors the chance to check what could arguably be referred to as a museum.

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