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Do you ever wish you could get the best bond clean Gold Coast has ever seen? Then it’s the best time for you to contact Maid2Match. Getting the best bond clean is necessary if you’re to impress the property owner enough to convince him to refund your bond.

Yes, finding a reliable cleaner might not be easy, especially if you have never used such services. This, however, doesn’t mean that you face an impossible task. Gold Coast is full of many bond cleaners. Your task is to learn how to sieve the best from the rest.


Many of the cleaners you find will make all sorts of claims. For example, some of them claim to have run the bond cleaning business for a long time thus possessing the required experience. Test every claim the cleaner makes if you want to choose the right one successfully.

The best bond clean that the Gold Coast has ever seen is only obtainable from a professional who guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. The best cleaner is one with a high success rate, preferably as high as 100% because you need the owner or manager to approve the work.

As previously mentioned, choose Maid2Match today, and you will not be disappointed.

Why choose Maid2match?

We are the best in what we do. No job is too big or small for us. We ensure that our clients get the services they have paid for within the shortest time possible.

So, why exactly should you choose us?

Get an instant quote

Knowing the amount of trust our client’s place on us, we have no hidden charges. Besides, our clients are able to get instant quotes from our website upon telling us the number of bedrooms and bathrooms they have.


We don’t want to burden you with extra costs in the event that an accident occurs. For that reason, all our employees and partners are insured against any liability for your peace of mind.

Online booking

You can easily book our cleaning services online from the comfort of your home or office. No more calling to schedule your house booking.

We save you money

Who doesn’t like to save an extra coin once in a while? Well, at Maid2Match, our clients get to enjoy a discount if they book weekly or monthly cleaning. How about that?

Why is a Good End of Lease Clean So Important?

End of lease clean is very important. The results (or fruits) of the work can only be seen if the cleaner does an excellent job. A good job pleases the property owner or manager. A happy owner or manager will have no problem refunding your bond.

An unhappy one will owner or manager will only be too glad to keep your money. Ideally, you should get your bond back when moving out of your current home. Most times, you only get it back if you leave the house spotlessly clean, repainted, repaired, and well maintained.

Returning a house to its former glory is a good way of building your reputation. Most property owners prefer conducting a background check on their tenants. Your next landlord wouldn’t hesitate to deny you access to his property because you left the previous home in bad condition.

It is a good behavior to leave home better than you found it. You need a top-notch bond cleaner to do this. Any other person would not care about the quality of work done since his main concern is probably on finishing the work and receiving a paycheck.

Contact Maid2Match for more information on the benefits of good bond cleaning services or other Maid2Match services.

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“Awesome, very personalized service with great attention to detail. We’ve had problems with another cleaning service and Maid2Match provided nothing but ease throughout the whole process. I cannot recommend them enough, great local business.”

– Peter Loughman


Comparing Gold Coast Bond Cleaners
It’s advisable to compare different Gold Coast bond cleaners before making up your mind on the one worth hiring. An in-depth comparison provides you with the information needed to choose the best and avoid anyone who doesn’t match your expectations.

You may receive a quote from one cleaner and jump up and down excitedly because you believe it’s the best deal in town. Comparing the estimates with the ones from a different provider will help you know whether you really got a good deal or not.

Comparing different cleaners might take some time, but it’s all worth it. It gives you an opportunity to learn more about the industry. It allows you to learn what’s familiar or unfamiliar based on the offers you receive. It gives you the power to determine what’s best for you.

Comparing different bond cleaners in Gold Coast eventually, saves you a lot of stress. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by all that’s happening around you. Hiring a cleaner, however, takes the burden off your shoulders, thus ensuring that you continue enjoying a stress-free life.

Therefore, remember that comparing various cleaners is all about obtaining as much information as you can. Rarely will you make costly mistakes, which in this case would mean losing your bond money, if you base your decision on information gleaned from the comparison.

What Even is a Bond Back Clean?
Bond back clean is a guarantee that you will get your bond money back. It’s money back guarantee that tenants who are about to move out of a building get from the bond cleaning company. It’s the proof a tenant gives to the landlord that the house is in excellent condition.

Most times, landlords will not simply take your word that the house is in as good a condition as it was when you first moved in. They need proof. They need a different party to clean, repair, and restore the house to its former glory. This often comes in the form of bond cleaners.

Bond cleaning is different from normal cleaning. You can do the normal cleaning, especially if you’re still in the house. Bond cleaning is more detailed and involves the kind of work you will probably do only once in several years. The work involved includes the following:

  1. Washing the extractor fans
    2.Taking down and polishing all light fittings
    3. Cleaning the window tracks
    4. Removing everything that’s on the walls
  2. Skirting boards
  3. 6. Leaving the curtains spotlessly clean
    7. Cleaning the oven, cupboards, and range hoods

At the end of bond cleaning, the house should be free of cobwebs and all the carpets should have been steam cleaned. Also, the walls should not bear any dirty marks. The cleaner should have cleaned the inside of all cupboards and cabinets spotlessly.

Get Your Bond Back
If you do bond cleaning correctly, as the property owner or manager expects, you should have no problem getting your bond back. Remember, the only way of getting your bond back from the landlord is by ensuring that the house is sparkling clean.

Hiring a contractor guarantees the best results. It’s easy to get disillusioned or think you have done enough when cleaning the house for the next occupant as you prepare to leave. On the other hand, a professional contractor will not leave the site until the house is properly cleaned.

Bond cleaning is your way of convincing the landlord that you care about his property. If you do, nothing will prevent the landlord from showing that he also cares about your money. He will do this by releasing your bond back to you without any delays.

If the cleaners do an excellent job, the landlord will not keep you waiting. He will release the bond money as quickly as possible, but only after inspecting the building. Therefore, get a good bond cleaner to make it possible for the landlord to expedite the process.

Contact the best bond cleaning experts – Maid2Match – today if you don’t have anyone in mind.


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