This Interesting History of Toowoomba

The interesting history of Toowoomba goes all the way back to the 1800s. Its history is intertwined with the arrival of a botanist and explorer from England – Allan Cunningham. He arrived in the country from Brazil, where he spent time collecting botanical specimens on behalf of Joseph Banks. Cunningham’s explorations eventually bore fruit when he discovered 16,000km2 of land that was fit for farming and grazing in 1827.

Origin of the Name

Upon the discovery, Cunningham named the land Darling Downs. He named it after the then New South Wales Governor – Ralph Darling, who would later be knighted and become Sir Ralph. It wasn’t until 1840 that the first settlers arrived in the area. Perhaps, the settlers wouldn’t have arrived if George and Patrick Leslie had not established Toolburra Station. The station was around fifty-six miles to the southwest of Toowoomba.

Transitioning to Municipality and Township

Toowoomba became municipality on November 24, 1860 following a petition by local residents to Governor Bowen. Toowoomba then became a township officially in 1892 following a decision made by the Under Secretary of Public Land. As the local community continued growing, it was evident that the Town Hall wouldn’t be able to serve it well. A fire that destroyed the existing Town Hall forced its sale to the Roman Catholic Church to raise funds for a new one.

The new Town Hall cost $10,000 to build. It still stands strong today. The newly constructed Town Hall owes its existence to a number of people who include Architect Willoughby Powell and Alexander Mayes. Alexander Mayes was given the task of putting the Town Hall up before being elected later to serve the Toowoomba as a Mayor. From the time it was first established, Toowoomba has been known as an educational, commercial and agricultural center.

Growth between 1950s and 2010s

Toowoomba added public service departments, military installations and tertiary services to its landscape between 1950s and 2010s. In 1961, it became first city to elect a female mayor in Queensland. Nellie E. Robinson holds the distinction of being the first democratically elected mayor in Queensland. The city has a rich history of being the first in many other areas as well. Some of these include the following:

  1. The first town hall in Queensland
  2. The largest non-capital city in inland Australia
  3. The largest regional theatre in the country – Empire Theatre
  4. The home of the first female concert pianist in the country – Elsie Maude Stanley Hall
  5. The world’s first Earth Friendly Concrete, which was created by the Wagners
  6. The home of the first brewery in Queensland, which was opened by the Perkins Brothers
  7. The first radio station to have a license in Queensland – Gold Radio

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