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Zero Co Household Cleaning Products

Zero Co Review

by | Oct 10, 2023 | House Cleaning

Single-use plastics – we’re all familiar with how damaging they can be to the environment. The home cleaning and personal care industries in particular are notorious for pumping out tons of plastics for their products.

Now, with concerns growing for our planet’s well-being, more and more companies across an array of industries are making changes to become more environmentally friendly. And one leader in that cause is Zero Co.


What is Zero Co?

Zero Co is a company dedicated to tackling the global plastic problem by stopping the production of new plastic and cleaning up the existing plastic waste in our oceans.

The brand produces home cleaning products and personal care products with packaging made from ocean, beach, and landfill bound waste (forever bottles) and recycled materials diverted from landfill (refill pouches).

Zero Co’s eco friendly products help Aussies do their part for zero waste.


How does Zero Co work?

  1. Place an order online (such as a starter kit)
  2. Your first order is delivered with: a set of dispensers made from recycled ocean plastic, a set of refill pouches made from recycled landfill plastic, and a postage-paid return envelope
  3. Once you’ve used 15 refill pouches, put the empty pouches in the postage-paid mailer and send them back
  4. Zero Co cleans, refills, and reuses the pouches

Reducing your single use plastics is as easy as that!


Zero Co Product Review

Laundry Liquid | Stain Remover | (NEW) Fabric Soaker | Dishwashing Liquid | Dishwashing Tablets | Swedish Dish Cloths | Hand Wash | Air Freshener | Body Wash | Shampoo | Conditioner | Body Lotion | Deodorant

Zero Co Laundry Products


Household cleaning products

You can’t help but stop scrolling when a Zero Co ad comes up in your social media feed. I gave in and I’m glad I did!


Zero Co Laundry Liquid

Zero Co Laundry Liquid

  • Fragrance: lemon myrtle & Australian grey gum
  • Size: 2 x 2L refillable pouches, 2L forever bottle with handle
  • Price: $42 for the 4L combo
  • Recommend? YES!


I’m very hesitant to try new laundry detergents due to my sensitive skin.

After reading reviews from customers, I felt confident to take a chance and try out Zero Co’s environmentally friendly laundry detergent.

I’ve now used their laundry liquid for over half a year… and I’m not turning back!

Not only do the recycled bottles save plastic waste, but the laundry detergent is also effective.

It smells great and my clothes always feel fresh and clean after being washed.

I highly recommend subscribing for essential household products like this one – it saves time and money.


Zero Co Stain Remover

Zero Co Stain Remover

  • Fragrance: lemon myrtle & Australian grey gum
  • Size: 500ml refillable pouch, 500ml forever bottle
  • Price: $12.99 for the combo
  • Recommend? YES!


I personally believe this is one of the highest value products in Zero Co’s range.

This plant-based stain remover smells amazing, and in my opinion, it’s BETTER than commercial products from big companies!

Coffee, chocolate, oil-based stains… You name it, this magical spray tackles it.

It’s extremely impressive how easy it is to remove dried stains on various types of clothes.

Order this stain remover immediately, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

(NEW!) Zero Co Fabric Soaker Combo

Zero Co's fabric soaker combo

  • Fragrance free
  • Includes: 1KG refill of fabric soaker, 1 forever bottle, 1 forever scoop
  • Price: $19.99 for the combo
  • Recommend? ABSOLUTELY YES!


Is it just me, or do commercial fabric soakers seem especially chemical-laden?

Time to say adios to chemicals, amigo. Zero Co has released their a fabric soaker.

I love that it’s chlorine bleach free, easy on sensitive skin since it’s fragrance-free, and suitable for any type of washing machine.

(And the fact that alongside the laundry liquid and stain remover spray, the trifecta of pink laundry containers is so cute!)

Zero Co fabric soaker in forever bottle with forever scoop made from recycled plastic
Zero Co Laundry Products

Aesthetics aside, I had to put this fabric soaker to the test. Boy, did I have a good one in store for it!

My 2 year old split his lip recently and it gushed blood all over his shirt and mine.

I left our shirts to soak in Zero Co’s fabric soaker. The photos speak for themselves… No sign of any blood stains!

Blood stains on toddler Nike shirt
Clean toddler shirt after removing blood stains with fabric soaker

Zero Co Dishwashing Liquid

Zero Co Dishwashing Liquid

  • Fragrance: finger lime & davidson plum
  • Size: 1L refillable pouch, 500ml forever bottle
  • Price: $15.99 for the combo
  • Recommend? Yes!


This is the best smelling dishwashing liquid I’ve ever tried.

And not only does it smell great, but it also works well!

I’ve been using the dishwashing liquid for months now – it cuts through grease and grime efficiently.

The price tag is higher than supermarket brands for dish detergent, but to me it’s worth the extra cost in order to be more environmentally friendly when doing the dishes.


Zero Co Dishwasher Tablets

Zero Co Dishwasher Tablets

  • Fragrance free
  • Size: 48 dishtabs
  • Price: $33
  • Recommend? Yes!


These dishwashing tablets have a new and improved formula from the initial product release.

The formula acts stronger against humidity (very necessary in SEQ) and is even more effective than the original formula.

In my experience, the performance of these dishtabs is comparable to supermarket brands.

I love that they’re biodegradable, in addition to the plant & mineral based formula being phosphate free and grey water safe.

It would be great to see Zero Co release a bulk size for the dishwashing tablets!


Zero Co Swedish Dish Cloths

Zero Co Swedish Dish Cloths

  • 70% cellulose (FSC Certified), 30% cotton
  • 3 Swedish dish cloths
  • Price: $14.99
  • Recommend? Yes


Biodegradable dishcloths with cute puns and bright colours? Count me in.

I’m very conscious of how many paper towels I use on a daily basis (read: too many) so I purchased these Swedish dish cloths in an effort to be kinder to the environment.

Rather than being made of plastic like most commercial sponges, these dish cloths are made of 100% natural fibres.

I’ve put them to work soaking up water and coffee spills, wiping down benchtops, and cleaning glass. I’m happy to report that they’ve met expectations – no streaks or surface fibres left behind.

Best of all, you can wash them in the dishwasher or washing machine! After 6-8 weeks, they’re ready for composting.


Zero Co Hand Wash

Zero Co Hand Wash


I love this hand wash.

It’s as simple as that statement, but to go into more detail – it smells AMAZING and feels good on your hands.

It contains Aloe Vera and Chamomile & Finger Lime extract, as well as coconut surfactants to cleanse.

I ordered extra forever containers so I could keep them in the kitchen and bathrooms. Alternatively, you could use your own containers (although I personally love their sleek branding).

Yes, the cost is higher than supermarket brands, but refillable hand soap is an easy win to reduce plastic waste in your home.


Zero Co Air Freshener

Zero Co Air Freshener

  • Fragrance: earl grey & cucumber
  • Size: 250ml refillable pouch, 250ml spray bottle
  • Price: $11.99 for the combo
  • Recommend? Yes


Commercial air fresheners are notorious for having nasty chemicals.

I’ve personally never purchased them because I hate the way the smell lingers in the room and seems to clog the air.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this air freshener that’s phthalate and palm oil free.

It genuinely covers up bad smells without using horrible ingredients.

In my opinion, the fragrance is not very strong – but I’m okay with that. The spray mainly seems to neutralise odours, which serves its purpose for me in the bathroom!


Personal care products

Zero Co Personal Care Products

I ordered the Body Care Starter Pack because it was on sale and I was eager to try Zero Co’s range of products.


Zero Co Body Wash

Zero Co Body Wash


As a lifelong Cetaphil user, I truly have never bought anything else. I’ve always played it safe.

I first tried this body wash on my arms to be cautious (my legs can still get dermatitis at times) and didn’t have any reactions.

The scent is lovely and it doesn’t leave a sticky feeling on my skin afterwards.

Personally, I will keep using Cetaphil as it’s still what I’m most comfortable with. However, I do recommend this body wash for those who are looking to reduce their single use plastic and don’t have overly sensitive skin.


Zero Co Shampoo

Zero Co Shampoo

  • Fragrance: bergamot, cucumber & cedarwood
  • Size: 1L refillable pouch, 500ml forever bottle
  • Price: $24.99 for the combo
  • Recommend? Yes and no


When I was in university, I remember trying several different shampoos in an attempt to find one that smelled good and kept my hair feeling clean the longest.

If only this shampoo existed then!

It’s free from parabens, has plant based ingredients, and contains no silicones and harsh chemicals.

If I was still searching for the right shampoo, I feel this one would hit the mark. It left my hair feeling light and clean.

In all honesty, though, I have been happy with a shampoo from my hair salon for a little while now, so I won’t be making the switch.

However I would recommend this shampoo for men, teenagers, and kids – it’s gentle, has great ingredients, and is good for the environment.


Zero Co Conditioner

Zero Co Conditioner

  • Fragrance: bergamot, cucumber & cedarwood
  • Size: 1L refillable pouch, 500ml forever bottle
  • Price: $24.99 for the combo
  • Recommend? Yes and no


My initial impression of the conditioner was not as positive as other products, as it was quite an effort to squeeze it from the refill pouch into the forever bottle.

From what I’ve read on Zero Co’s website, they plan to make the conditioner more viscous in upcoming production runs so it is easier to get it in and out of forever bottles.

As expected, the conditioner is also free from parabens, has plant based ingredients, and contains no silicones and harsh chemicals.

My recommendation is “yes and no” because it depends on what hair products you currently use.

If you use salon-quality conditioner, then I would stick to using it.

If you use supermarket brand conditioner, then I would make the switch to this environmentally friendly one.

You can also order a shampoo & conditioner set. This would be great if you host an Airbnb or for a guest bathroom.


Zero Co Body Lotion

Zero Co Body Lotion

  • Fragrance: orange rind & macadamia
  • Size: 500ml refillable pouch, 500ml forever bottle
  • Price: $20.99 for the combo
  • Recommend? Not convinced


Growing up with eczema meant that having a reliable body moisturiser was crucial. Even now, I still stick to what the dermatologist recommends.

There’s no doubt that going through several single use plastic containers of moisturiser a year adds up, so I was eager to give Zero Co’s body lotion a try.

Unfortunately, the scent just doesn’t do it for me. It feels more masculine than feminine, whereas I believe in the case of refillable body lotion the smell should appeal to anyone.

The lotion felt nice and seemed to absorb well when I put it on my hands, but it didn’t seem to moisturise as deeply as someone with dry skin needs.

If Zero Co came out with a different scent and a more moisturising formula, I would be open to trying it out again!

Zero Co Deodorant

new scent Zero Co deodorant, cucumber and green tea


I’ll admit, I haven’t tried a zero waste deodorant before. Moving from the east coast of the United States to the east coast of Australia means the weather is much hotter than what I’m used to!

Therefore, the thought of using an ineffective deodorant in the Brisbane humidity is anxiety-inducing.

Enter Zero Co’s refillable roll-on deodorant. It’s an antiperspirant, meaning it works hard to prevent sweat.

My first day trying it out, it was 30 degrees and HOT. By dinnertime, I still didn’t have sweaty pits.

Another key aspect of a good deodorant is that it doesn’t stain clothes. I’m happy to report that this eco friendly deodorant does not leave any marks, even if you put it on before getting dressed.

In my opinion, the Cucumber & Green Tea scent is ideal for women and the Vetiver & Neroli is a better fit for men. I’ve tried both and they’re equally effective, so you can’t go wrong.

Safe to say, I’m converted.

Pouring deodorant into forever bottle Zero Co
Zero Co Deodorant
Zero Co Deodorant Roller

Overall Opinion

I’m a big fan of this company for their dedication to reducing plastic waste and for their high quality household products.

I’d recommend without hesitation their laundry liquid, stain remover, dish detergent, dishwasher tablets, and hand wash. I’m also a fan of their deodorant.

The rest of their body products are good, but still fairly new so I’m sure they will only improve with customer feedback.


Zero Co FAQs

Zero Co Body Care Products


Is Zero Co worth it?

Yes, Zero Co is worth it. While several of the cleaning products have comparable pricing to commercial products, others will be an extra cost.

However, with Zero Co, you’re contributing less plastic rubbish without sacrificing quality in your cleaning products.


Is Zero Co septic safe?

They sure are! If you’re looking for septic safe cleaning products, Zero Co is your answer.


Can I make a one-time purchase without subscribing?

You sure can! My first order was a once-off so I could try several products. Then for my second order, I was ready to make the leap to a subscription for 10% off.

No need to stress either way, because there are no lock-in contracts for subscribing. Just savings!


Is Zero Co an Australian company?

Yes, Zero Co is an Australian company. Founder Mike Smith is an Aussie and all Zero Co products are made in Australia.


Who owns Zero Co?

Mike Smith is the founder of Zero Co.

The company was the most funded Australian Kickstarter project of 2019, raising $742,427.

According to Zero Co’s website, they are working on a Crowdsourced Equity Funding (CSF) campaign that will be the first opportunity for customers to purchase company shares.

About Author

Lauren Schwartz

Originally from the US, Lauren loves the outdoor lifestyle she gets to have living in Australia. She enjoys working for a family-owned business, helping to provide cleaning services for Australians all around the country.


About Author

Lauren Schwartz

Originally from the US, Lauren loves the outdoor lifestyle she gets to have living in Australia. She enjoys working for a family-owned business, helping to provide cleaning services for Australians all around the country.