The Gold Coast's 4 Best Theme Parks

Theme parks (also known as amusement parks) are major tourist attractions. They are popular with kids and adults alike. They provide tourists and locals with a chance to travel to Gold Coast to see it in its beauty and splendor. They offer friends and families with a chance of sampling the best distractions and treats. Theme parks are ideal for people who simply need something different, unique and mesmerizing to do. Gold Coast has some of the best theme parks.

Below are four of the best theme parks in the Gold Coast.

Sea World

Sea World is the premier park to visit when you want to see different species of marine animals. Its attractions are not only amazing, but also perfect for people of all ages. Lovers of adrenaline pumping coasters will find this theme park impossible to resist or avoid. It will not be easy for parents to say no to their kids who love rides and wish to visit Sea World in the Gold Coast. There is plenty of entertainment too for families and local or international tourists to enjoy.

Movie World

Action-packed shows are just but a sample of what you can expect while at the Movie World in the Gold Coast. First-class rides are also in plenty. The Movie World is a true definition of a world of fun. With its world-class rides and attractions, you will find it difficult to leave this theme park once you enter and begin enjoying everything it has to offer. Thrill rides, kids fun and family entertainment are all available to people interested in something different.

Wet ‘n’ Wild

Wet ‘n’ Wild provides visitors with the golden opportunity of splashing away into a different world. Its water slides are among the most extreme in the entire country. In fact, it has some of the largest water slides in Australia. The main attractions here include an H2O Zone, thrill rides and spaces for family entertainment. Extreme riders are likely to fall in love with all that’s available at the H2O Zone. The rides are fun, wild, and cool.


Dreamworld has created a world that’s perfect for kids and adults. Its attractions appeal to the young and old alike. Water lovers and animal lovers will be incapable of saying no to the urge to visit the theme park’s Tiger Island, the Whitewater World, or the Dreamworld Corroboree. The park is ideal for group functions, Christmas parties, birthday parties, team building events and as a wedding venue. Its Big 9 Thrill Rides provide the ultimate, adrenaline-packed thrill.

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Visit any of these exceptional Gold Coast theme parks today.

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