Keeping a clean home is generally thought of as a good practice and most people do not question that it is necessary. The idea of regular cleaning is widely embraced but not necessarily acted upon by most people. The problems with irregular and sporadic cleaning can pile up and become overwhelming and end up leading to expensive and time-consuming solutions that really would not be necessary if things were kept up with regularly.

We are not here to lecture you or make you feel bad; we are here to motivate and inspire you to create regular cleaning habits that will make you and your family happier in the long run. It is truly amazing how much a regularly cleaned house can affect the mood and productivity of a household. You don’t have to take our word for it. Try it out! In case you needed some extra encouragement and inspiration, we have made an awesome list full of great reasons why you should clean your house regularly. We threw in some tips and pointers to help you get started as well, so check these out:

Health And Safety Reasons To Keep A Clean Home

Of all the ways we motivate ourselves, health is one of the biggest ways to inspire a little more action into our lives. Keeping a clean home may seem to some as a source of pride or just something that is polite when having visitors, but it is much more than that. Prioritizing daily cleaning is also a way to prioritize your mental and physical health and that of those that live in your home as well.

  • Injury – This seems like a rather obvious one but having a lot of clutter and blocked up passageways can actually be very hazardous. Causing people to trip and fall and also risk hitting something else that is in the way on the way down can go from funny to downright dangerous in mere seconds. Things falling off of shelves and not stored correctly can injure adults or children by falling on their heads and causing a concussion or other injuries. Make sure that there are plenty of wide open areas to walk and play without tripping hazards and be sure to store things in a secure and safe manner. Sometimes, it is necessary to bolt shelving to the wall or reorganize cupboards in order to not have the risk of falling items when someone opens a door


  • Allergies – This is a huge downfall to poor cleaning practices. Allergies are not only worsened by poorly cleaned homes; they are also created and worsened in these environments. Although there are many factors that cause allergies, do not let a messy or dirty home be one of them. You have control over the cleanliness of your home so make sure to dust often and well, install air filters, clean carpets, drapes and bedding often and inspect for mold in bathrooms, kitchens and basements especially.
  • Sanitation – If you do not regularly use the proper disinfectant cleaners, your house will become a breeding ground for bacteria, germs, viruses, etc. The kitchen and bathrooms are the most important areas of the house to REGULARLY clean with disinfectant cleansers that fight against all of these things. Everything should be cleaned and wiped down multiple times per week in order to halt bacteria growth and prevent people from becoming sick or spreading sickness in your household. This type of cleaning should be set on a schedule to make sure it is not skipped. Although things may look clean, looks can be very deceiving when you are working with germs, bacteria and viruses.
  • Mental Health – It is being proven more and more lately in studies that mental health is directly connected to one’s environment. By creating an uncluttered and clean environment, you and your household will benefit greatly. Although you may not realize it is the cause of stress, anxiety and anger, a messy home is proven to cause all of these issues in even the most stable people. Pushing aside cleaning because you are busy and stressed out is not a practical or effective method of coping. The act of cleaning is actually a stress reducer, and the final product will actually help you relax and sleep better than if you had avoided it. It may not seem like a priority, but it is.

Positive Benefits

When you clean your house regularly, there are many positive benefits:

    • No Bugs Or Mice – Some people enjoy bringing in stray pets but when it comes to bugs, they are less likely to be enjoyable house guests than that cute stray cat that hides under your deck. Preventing and quickly cleaning food spills and messes is a good way to prevent pests as well as keeping your food storage area sealed, clean and organized. By regularly keeping your home clean and clear of clutter, it is easier to spot infestations and take care of them quickly. If you maintain an uncluttered home, it will help prevent the unwanted visitors. Sometimes it cannot be controlled, but it is much easier to find the source of the problem and cut it off at the beginning when you keep a clean home.


  • More Creativity – Also proven by studies is the fact that creativity blossoms in a clean and organized environment. When your brain is busy stressing about messes or even subconsciously overwhelmed by the disorganization of your home, it is hard to let the creativity flow. A clear and uncluttered space is a great environment for not only blossoming athletes, dancers and avid players in your home, but it is great for reading, writing and other forms of creativity.
  • Workout while cleaning – You cannot deny that multitasking and getting yet another benefit from cleaning is very welcome. Well, if you think about the type of cleaning you are doing, it is probably burning calories and building muscle somehow. Scrubbing, running up and down the stairs, squatting or bending over to pick things up, lifting things, pushing things, etc. You name it; it is giving you a workout. Pro tip: Try timing your cleaning sessions, so you move faster and burn even more! Here are 7 exercise you can do while cleaning.

Final Thoughts

Although it is hard to prioritize something that seems so unimportant compared to the other very important things in your busy life, after taking a look at some of these reasons and benefits, we hope you have seen the value in cleaning regularly. Mental and physical health is affected greatly by the state of your home so that right there should be enough to get you back on the cleaning track.

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