Going to stay in a hotel offers the pinnacle in bathroom cleanliness… hopefully! The feeling of a sparkling clean bathroom and fresh white towels is immensely enjoyable for hotel guests and is often a major feature of their stay.

The lily-white surfaces allow any stray hair or speck of grime to be instantly visible, which can lead to complaints or bad reviews if not cleaned properly. Consequently, hotel maids are trained how to clean a bathroom more thoroughly than most of us would ever dream of, to keep their customers happy.

Now you can replicate that squeaky-clean hotel bathroom feeling at home with these nine steps.

Step 1 – Dust and vacuum

Work from the top to the bottom of the room. Dust shelves, light fixtures, and if necessary, the ceiling! Using microfiber cloths, which trap up to ten times more dirt than regular cloths, dust and debris is locked in to its tiny fibrous webs and will not be released until washing.

Once this is done and you’re sure the room is dust-free, vacuum or sweep the main section of the floor. Then attach the smallest attachment to the vacuum cleaner to suck the dust out of even the tiniest crevices.

Step 2 – Prep

Think you’re ready to scrub? Think again! Put the plug in the sink and the tub and fill them with a few inches of hot water from the tap. If your water takes a while to heat up, wait to put the plug in until the water is at its hottest temperature. Leaving this water to sit for a few minutes will raise the temperature of the bathroom and allow the cleaning products to work their magic more effectively.

Wearing thick rubber gloves to avoid scalding, splash the sink, tub and all tiled surfaces with hot water before you pull the plugs and begin cleaning.

This is also the time to flush the toilet before cleaning. You may also want to consider pouring a small amount of hot water into the toilet at this stage.

Step 3 – First clean

Spray your antibacterial cleaner of choice all over the bathroom, starting from the top and making your way down. The shower, toilet, sink, tub, tiles and taps should all be covered. Once applied, the cleaner should be spread across all surfaces using a sponge or a cloth, ensuring no gaps are left.

Dump a cup of baking soda and a cup of distilled white vinegar into the toilet and spray and spread cleaner around the entire toilet area. This includes the pipes and walls as well as the seat, bowl and rim. Make sure that you use a specific cloth for the toilet area that is not used for the other areas of the bathroom. Perhaps use a particular color or make a marker on the toilet cloth to ensure it is not confused with any other cleaning cloths.

Then you can turn your attention to the floor. Spread the same antibacterial cleaner over the floor, working from the furthest corner of the room toward the door, so you can exit without stepping on the cleaning product until it has dried.

Checkout this video on how to clean the toilet without chemicals:

Step 4 – Do nothing!

Let the cleaner do its work. Leave the bathroom alone for at least five minutes before returning for the next step of the process, though if you can leave it for longer, then do so.

Step 5 – Scrub


Now for the hard work! The whole of the bathroom needs to be scrubbed from top to bottom. Use a non-scratch abrasive sponge in a circular motion for optimal cleaning. For stubborn stains, add more cleaning product to the sponge before scrubbing. A scrub brush is another option for hard-to-shift marks such as gray rings in the bathtub. Invest in a strong scrubbing brush for the toilet.

Step 6 – Rinse

Use the shower head and the sink tap on a warm setting to rinse out the cleaner. Using a clean sponge, go over the areas you scrubbed with the same circular manner, but this time, use only warm water. Only the floor should be left as it is, so you can still walk on it without getting your shoes wet!

Getting rinsing right is one of the most crucial steps, because residues of cleaning products can make surfaces feel gritty and unclean. These residues will also attract dirt and grime and make the bathroom get dirty more quickly and more difficult to clean next time, so don’t skimp on this step.

At this point you can flush the toilet, as the baking soda and vinegar has had enough time to do its work.

Step 7 – Dry

Use dry cloths to dry all bathroom surfaces. Again, use circular motions to buff and create extra shine. Ensure that there is another dedicated cloth for the toilet area for hygienic reasons.

Step 8 – Mirrors and windows


Use a specialised glass cleaner or vinegar and water to clean the windows. A microfiber cloth is the best option to attain maximum cleaning result. You may need two cloths – one to clean and another to wipe dry, though microfiber is so absorbent that using one cloth might be possible if only using water and vinegar. If you choose to use regular chemical cleaners, the windows will need to be rinsed before drying.

Step 9 – Finish the floor

Rinse and dry the floor using a microfiber mop. These have been found to get rid of up to 99% of surface bacteria, while traditional mops can only remove 30%. Using microfiber also makes the inconvenience of lint a thing of the past.

After following these steps, your bathroom will be squeaky clean, dry and ready to enjoy! Just add fluffy white towels, slippers and a robe to complete the luxury hotel feeling. A personal butler service and unlimited free minibar would be nice too, but hey, we can’t have everything. And if going through all these steps sounds like too much, feel free to get in touch with Maid2Match to have the best house cleaning in Brisbane!

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