Co-CEO & Co-founder of Maid2Match


Toby was born and grew up in Brisbane, Australia. Seeing as University and Toby was a round hole square peg situation he started his first business with brother Jason selling baby nappies online. His heart wasn’t 100% in it as the years wore along. So with his brothers he started Maid2Match and found his passion.

As one of the founders Toby has worn many different hats over the years. These days he works on the challenge of finding and inducting the best cleaners in the country. Figuring out how you create a culture of enlightened home service is something he embraces.

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How do you find working with your brothers?

Love it! There is a base level of trust that you have with family, which makes collaboration and decision making far easier.

What was the last book you read?

The Ride of a Lifetime by Bob Iger. It was an interesting read from someone who has continued to innovate in their time at the top of Disney.