Houseflies are a part of life and they are a nuisance. If you think there is no natural way to truly get rid of houseflies, think again. There are many organic ways to clear houseflies from your home.

The trick is to know which measures truly do work. Luckily, we have been able to pick out and test different ways to get rid of houseflies permanently. The following seven methods work the best, so feel free to share them with your family members and your friends.

1. Basil


Houseflies hate the smell and taste of basil. Basil grown in gardens or pots work just the same too. We suggest putting basil in decorative pots in every room of your home if you currently are dealing with a housefly issue. Houseflies will not harvest babies in a home full of basil. Additionally, they will seek out other types of shelter and will look for ways to escape your home every chance they get.

2. Lavender essential oils
Traditionally grown lavender doesn’t work as good as lavender essential oils. If you don’t have pets, this is a great option to consider. If you do have pets, think about using basil or some of the other options versus the essential oils. Since each manufacture of essential oils creates products differently, some oils may be harmful to animals. If you do decide to use lavender essential oils, dap some near your windows and on the doors to your house- both inside and out. This also helps discourage ants from entering your home.

3. Apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle works wonders.
The trick is to create a two-thirds part of apple cider vinegar with a one-part cold water solution. Once you gently mix the solution, spray it on surfaces around the home. We suggest spraying it around window frames, doorways, ceiling fans, and in kitchen areas where flies tend to gather. Don’t wipe the solution off. Instead, let it air dry. Flies hate the smell of this solution and will start to exit the home or die off. You may have to repeat this process two to four times, but it is worth it. If you can squirt the fly with the solution for an immediate kill.

4. Cayenne pepper and water is like getting The Terminator to fight your houseflies!
They hate this stuff. The trouble is, a little effort is required because it can burn your fingers, eyes, and it is a little tricky to mix. In a full-size spray bottle, mix up four teaspoons of purse, unexpired, cayenne pepper or cayenne pepper powder. Fill the bottle with warm water and shake. Once the shaken water has calmed, spray the solution around all the fly-popular areas of your home.
Don’t spray this solution anywhere that your animals may lick it. It isn’t harmful, but it isn’t pleasant either. Again, you too should be careful with this affordable mixture. If you accidentally get it on your hands or your eyes, rinse yourself with a lot of water or jump in the shower.

5. Fresh cinnamon sticks


We suggest using these as a preventive measure. Flies do not like the smell of cinnamon. However, real cinnamon. The same scent in candles or air fresheners doesn’t do anything to discourage flies from entering your home. Putting two to ten cinnamon sticks in a mason jar (without the lid) will keep flies from entering your home. You can decorate the outside of the mason jars with paint or ribbon to make sure that it matches your décor and works without your guests noticing that you have a fly-preventive measure in the works. Small rooms only need one to two cinnamon sticks. Large rooms need more cinnamon sticks. Make sure you replace the cinnamon sticks every month as the open mason jars will promote the naturally-occurring oils to dry up.

6. White wine or vodka!
Yes, if you mix white wine or vodka with apple-scented dish washing liquid, it will act as a poison and kill your flies. You see, flies are attracted towards the apple-scented dish washing liquid. The wine or vodka mixture will go unnoticed until it is too late then then the flies will get poisoned. Clean up is a bit yucky, but your flies will be gone for good. Again, don’t leave the dish anywhere that your pets can lick or drink it. It is toxic to pets.

7. Crushed mint cocktail
In a small pot, boil 2 cups of water and 14 mint leaves. Create, if you will, a mint tea. After the water starts to boil, let it cool down. Once it is at room temperature, pour it into your spray bottle. Add a shot of vodka and spray the mixture around your home. We suggest spray window ledges, doorways, ceiling fans (off or unplugged only), and the tops of all your walls. Flies do not like the smell of mint. Boiling it helps to concentrate the smell in the water solution. By adding vodka, you’re adding insurance to the mixture that if a fly does touch it by accident, that they immediately die. You can make this mixture without using the vodka but it isn’t as effective. And, as always, don’t spray this anywhere that your pets can lick it. It can upset their digestive tracks.

A good old-fashioned fly swatter is always a great idea to keep around the household. While it is not always ideal, it does work when the right circumstances present themselves. Fly tape and other chemicals can do more harm than good. Fly tape, while usually natural or non-toxic, doesn’t look too attractive, especially if you have company that visits you.
The seven tips to naturally and organically keep flies out of your home have been tried and tested and they do work well. The best part of all is that these seven tips also help you to save money and stay on budget.

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