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The Best Vacuum Cleaners In Australia 2024

by | Apr 11, 2024 | House Cleaning

The vacuum cleaner is one of the most hardworking cleaning machines in our homes.

It’s out there making sure our floors are dust-free and pristine, hoovering up any dirt and allergens and fur. But not all vacuums are built equal – you’ll want a good quality model that offers both performance and value for money.

However, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with all the vacuums available on the market. Don’t worry, though, because we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Go through our ultimate guide to vacuums to learn about the types of models and factors to consider before buying. This way, you can pick the best vacuum cleaner Australia that suits you and your home.

Types of Vacuums | Factors to Consider | Best Overall | Best Bagless | Best Wet and Dry | Best Corded | Best Cordless | Best Stick | Best Upright | Best Barrel | Best Handheld | Best Robot | Most Powerful | Best Affordable | Best for Carpets | Best for Hardwood | Best for Pet Hair | Best for Large Homes | Best for Cars

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

All right – so you’re looking to get a vacuum cleaner. One of the first big considerations is what type of vacuum cleaner you should get, since the different models have their pros and cons.



Corded vs. Cordless vacuum cleaners

This covers the vacuum’s power sources. Corded vacuums are more “traditional,” and the consistent electric power means they’re more powerful than their cordless counterparts.

A corded vacuum won’t be limited by run time, but it will tend to be heavier and less manoeuvrable. You’ll also be restricted by the cord length and outlet placement.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are becoming more popular since they’re lighter, more flexible, and easier to carry around. There’s no cord to worry about tripping over, either.

However, cordless vacuums have lower suction power and limited run times (generally between 45–60 minutes).



Bagged vs. Bagless vacuum cleaners

Bagged vacuums have been around for decades, and work very simply. The vacuum sucks up the dirt and collects it in a disposable bag, which you can remove and dispose of when it’s full.

Bagged models also tend to be better for those with allergies or pets, since they don’t release any particles into the air while being emptied.

The drawback is that bagged models are heavier and bulkier, often with a separate canister that houses the motor and bag. That’s also an added source of plastic, unless you use biodegradable bags.

An upright or barrel vacuum is usually bagged.

Bagless vacuums are becoming more popular since they’re lighter. These have a compartment (usually near the handle up top) that stores the dust and debris.

You can then empty the compartment directly into the rubbish. However, unless your vacuum has several filter layers or a true HEPA filter, you’ll be re-releasing some dust back into the air.



Stick vs. Upright vs. Barrel vacuums

The differences here are in the design of the vacuum. Each has its pros and cons, but we’ll give a brief rundown of each type.

  • Upright vacuum cleaners are exactly what they say – they’re vacuums that can stand upright. Upright vacuums generally are corded and have high suction power, better filtration, and larger capacities. However, they’re not very flexible and have a hard time going under or around furniture.
  • Stick vacuum cleaners are a “lighter” version of upright vacuums. They’re more flexible, and are better at reaching under furniture or around corners. However, they’re less powerful and have smaller capacities.
  • Barrel vacuums (also called a cylinder or canister vacuum) have a separate canister that houses the motor and bag. The canister has a hose that attaches to the vacuum head, and rolls behind you as you work.

Upright or barrel vacuums are best for large or high-maintenance homes. 

Meanwhile, stick vacs are great for small homes and apartments.



HEPA filter vacuum cleaners

HEPA filter vacuum cleaners

This is especially important to allergy sufferers and pet owners! HEPA filters (high-efficiency particulate air filters) are a type of mechanical air filter.

A HEPA filter can remove approximately 99.97% of airborne particles down to 0.3 microns in size. This includes everything from dust, pollen, mould, and pet dander.

Not all vacuums have HEPA filters, so double-check to see what filtration system a vacuum has.

Several vacuum cleaners might also include their MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Values) rating, which measures a filter’s ability to remove particles between 0.3 and 10 microns.

Look for a MERV rating of 8 or higher.



Handheld vacuum cleaners

You can buy standalone handheld vacuum cleaners, or buy a more traditional vacuum that can “transform” into handheld mode.

Handheld models are great for cleaning upholstery, curtains, shelves, and even your car.



Robot vacuums

Modern robot vacuum cleaner on soft carpet in room

These are the internet’s favourite robot friends. A robot vacuum cleaner is a small, automated vacuum with built-in sensors and batteries.

Most models will allow you to schedule when and where the robot vacuum will activate, and will automatically return to their stations either when they’re full or when they need to recharge.

Newer robot vacuums are hybrids, with additional mopping features.



What to Consider When Choosing a Vacuum Cleaner

Whether you’re buying a new vacuum cleaner or upgrading Old Reliable, there are several factors to consider.

It might help to make a list of the contributing factors and your household cleaning needs. That’ll help you look for the appropriate features and buy the vacuum that best suits you and your home.



Floor material

carpet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner in the house

This one is a biggie – what kinds of floors will you be vacuuming? Do you live in an apartment with purely tile floors or do you have a large home with hard floors and carpets?

Some vacuums are better suited to tackling floor materials better than others. Higher-end models even have auto-detect systems that can adjust suction power depending on the flooring.

Other models have different vacuum heads that you can swap as necessary.



Power source

Cordless vacuums are lightweight, portable, and convenient. You can easily carry them from one room to another, and can even extend the run time if you swap batteries.

Corded vacuums, meanwhile, are limited by the length of the cord and the position of your electrical outlets. They’re also heavier and harder to carry around (especially upstairs) but offer superior suction and capacity.



Suction power

Most vacuum cleaners will have suction power between 100–200 AW (air watts). AW measures the airflow at the cleaning head, and is a gauge of how much debris the vacuum can “suck” up.

Robot vacuums tend to use Pa (Pascals). Entry-level models range between 1000–1500 Pa, which is fine for small homes and light cleaning. Higher-end models – especially those for carpets or hard floors – can go over 2500 Pa.

Some brands only specify the Watts (w), which is the power of the motor.



Type of vacuum

vacuum cleaner on top of blue carpet

Decide which type of vacuum cleaner suits your needs. Do you have a large home with different kinds of flooring? Or a small apartment?

Consider what you feel comfortable using, especially if you’ll be vacuuming for an hour or more. You should be able to manoeuvre and move around the vacuum with ease.

Think about how to empty the vacuum as well – whether there’s a way to automatically release the bag, or if you need to empty the canister into the bin.




This will be a big factor for pet owners or people with large homes and families. A bagged vacuum or one with a larger dust canister can hold more dust in one go – meaning you won’t have to pause as frequently.

However, larger capacities mean the vacuum will likely be heavier, especially as it fills up.



Filtration system

Does the vacuum have a HEPA filter, or does it have its own filtration system? How much dust does the vacuum reportedly remove?

Check also if the filters are washable or disposable, and how easy they are to wash or change out. Some models let you clean the vacuum filter to prolong its use.



Features and accessories

Think about your household cleaning needs and look for the appropriate features and accessories. For example, if you have pets, look for brush rolls with anti-tangle features that can pick up even fine cat hair.

If your home has a variety of flooring materials, look for vacuums with auto-detect features that will switch modes accordingly.

Check the type of vacuum head, too! A power head has a built-in motor with a rotating brush and is often self-propelling. Meanwhile, a turbo head has a rotating brush but isn’t motorised.

Other helpful accessories include crevice tools, brush tools, and upholstery attachments. Some higher-end vacuums even have a “self-cleaning brush roll” to make things easier for you.



Value for money

Vacuum cleaners are an investment, and you’ll want one that’s worth the money you pay out.

This doesn’t mean you should go all-out and splurge, but it does mean you should look for a vacuum that works well for its price range. Even mid-range models can deliver great features and cleaning performance.



The Best Vacuum Cleaner Australia by Type

There’s no definitive winner when looking at the best vacuums – it really depends on what you need and what you’re comfortable using.

Whether you’re into sleek upright vacuums or prefer a more hardworking barrel vacuum, here’s a rundown of the top-rated vacuum cleaners in Australia.

Best Overall Vacuum Cleaner: Dyson Gen5 Detect Absolute

Dyson Gen5 Detect Absolute

0.77L Bin Volume | 262 AW Suction | Up to 70 minutes run time | DLS Auto-sensor

It’s a splurge, but the Dyson Gen5 Detect Absolute is absolutely worth the investment. This is one of Dyson’s latest and best models, and the only vacuum you’ll ever need.

It actually beats out the Dyson V15 Detect Absolute in many ways, including power. This cordless stick vacuum cleaner boasts up to 262 AW – that’s higher than most cordless vacuums.

Dyson’s Gen5 Detect Absolute also has whole-machine HEPA filtration that traps 99.99% of particles down to 0.1 microns and highlights even invisible dust. The battery offers up to 70 minutes of run time.

This Dyson cordless vac features DLS™ tech that auto-senses the dirt and adapts modes across different floor types. It also comes with a hair screw tool for hair and fur and a Fluffy Optic™ cleaner head with anti-static fibres for a true deep clean.

TIP: Clean your Dyson vacuum regularly to maintain its function and lifespan!

Best Bagless Vacuum Cleaner in Australia: Miele Triflex HX2 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Miele Triflex HX2 Cordless Stick Vacuum

0.5L Capacity | Up to 60 minutes run time | 2500 mAh battery | 3-in-1 Design

Miele has come out with one of its most powerful stick vacuums yet with the Triflex HX2 Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

The 3-in-1 design allows for versatile cleaning, since you can swap to Compact Mode for handheld cleaning or Reach Mode for maximum flexibility (including underneath furniture).

It has a lifetime HEPA filter that removes 99.99% of particles and dirt, boosted by its XXL electro-brush floorhead. And you only need to twist the container to remove and empty it.

Best Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner Australia: Tineco iFloor3 Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

Tineco iFloor3 Cordless Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner

0.6L Capacity | 220W Power | Up to 30 minutes run time | 2-in-1 Vacuum and Mop

Tackle any kind of mess with the Tineco iFloor3 Wet and Dry vacuum. This versatile machine can hoover up dry debris such as dust and hair, but can also pick up liquid spills and sticky residue.

The Tineco iFloor3 can also wash your floors using its mop setting (and don’t worry, it’s got a separate dirty water tank). It works on most sealed flooring, including tile, sealed hardwood, and even marble – and it doesn’t leave streaks.

One great perk is the self-cleaning cycle, which means you’ll never have to touch the roller to clean it! The model has a one-click clean function that washes the roller and tube using fresh water and detergent.

If it’s available and you can afford to upgrade, the iFloor5 is even better!

Best Corded Vacuum Cleaner Australia: VAX Air Lift Upright Vacuum Cleaner

VAX Air Lift Upright Vacuum Cleaner

1.5L Capacity | 850W Power | 11.0m Operating Radius | Lift-Out and Steerable technology

VAX’s Air Lift Upright Vacuum is unique in the world of upright vacuums. For one, it has a “lift-out” feature – meaning you can lift out the cylinder and make it easier to carry around the house or vacuum the stairs.

Moreover, its multi-cyclonic tech means you don’t lose suction – so you get consistent vacuum performance all throughout your home, on most surfaces.

Unlike most upright vacuum cleaners, the VAX Air Lift is lightweight (approximately 3.5kg) and very portable. Combined with its steerable technology, it lets you navigate around obstacles like furniture with ease.

Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Australia: Shark Detect Pro with Auto-Empty System

Shark Detect Pro with Auto-Empty System

0.4L Dust Bin | 240W Power | Up to 60 minutes run time | 2L Auto-Empty Base

Shark is levelling up its game with the Detect Pro Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. It advertises this model as a combination of powerful suction and dirt-detecting intelligence.

One of the best features of this vacuum is the docking base. The freestanding dock features a 2L Auto-Empty that automatically empties the canister and seals 99.9% of dust and allergens in a separate container.

The QuadClean floorhead has sensors to detect floor type and adapt its suction accordingly – it can even go up to 2x speed to deep clean a carpet. You can also choose between 3 cleaning modes: Eco, Auto, and Boost.

In low-light areas, the floorhead illuminates any invisible dirt and debris.

Best Stick Vacuum Cleaner Australia: Tineco Pure ONE S15

Tineco Pure ONE S15

0.3L Capacity | 500W Power | Up to 40 minutes run time | 5-layer HEPA filtration

Tineco is often touted as the best Dyson alternative, and the Pure ONE S15 is one of the best cordless stick vacuums on the market.

It boasts Tineco’s iLoop Smart Sensor that automatically adjusts suction power based on surface debris and floor material. This improves your cleaning efficiency and helps battery life.

The Pure ONE S15 also has ZeroTangle Technology with special v-shaped bristles and a dual-comb design. This can remove human and pet hair without tangling and ruining your vacuum’s performance.

Best of all, the lightweight stick vac can transform into a handheld model so you can clean more than floors!

Best Upright Vacuum Cleaner Australia: Shark NZ801UKT Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Shark NZ801UKT Upright Vacuum Cleaner

0.83L Bin Volume | 8.0m Cord Length | 750W Power | Washable HEPA Filter

Shark offers fantastic vacuums at affordable prices, including this NZ801 upright vacuum. It has a self-cleaning brush roll that avoids hair tangling – even pet hair!

This model features Shark’s “iconic DuoClean floorhead” with two brush rolls so you can move from hard floors to carpet with ease. It also has Powered Lift-Away technology to remove everything down to fine dust.

Shark’s NZ801 also offers the brand’s Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology with HEPA filtration that traps 99.9% of dust and allergens down to 1 micron.

Plus, you can lift the canister out to vacuum hard-to-reach areas (like the ceiling) and manoeuvre around or under furniture.

Best Barrel Vacuum Cleaner Australia: Miele Complete C3 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Complete C3 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

4.5L Dust Bag | 11.0m Operating Radius | 890W Suction | “Park System” for Vacuum

Ever heard of a vacuum cleaner that can park? It’s not going to do a perfect reverse into a slot, but the Miele Complete C3 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner can be “parked” if you need to pause while vacuuming.

You just need to hook the floorhead to an attachment at the back of the cylinder (or canister) to secure the vacuum. You can splurge for the model that “pauses” the motor to save you effort and electricity.

Miele’s signature AirClean filter has 99.9% dust retention capacity, especially when paired with the HyClean bag. Plus, the bag is auto-sealed for maximum hygiene.

The universal floorhead can seamlessly switch between floor materials, but the Complete C3 also comes with a crevice nozzle, upholstery nozzle, and dusting brush.

Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Australia: Shark UltraCyclone Handheld Vacuum

Shark UltraCyclone Handheld Vacuum

0.4L Capacity | Up to 10 minutes run time | 80W Power | Easy-empty XL Dust Cup

Handheld vacuums are incredibly useful for quick clean jobs, hard-to-reach areas, and car cleaning. And at just 1.2kg (2.8lbs), the Shark UltraCyclone is portable and convenient for any homeowner.

The fabric filter is washable, and the dust cup has a CleanTouch Dirt Eject feature so you don’t have to touch any dirt.

Moreover, the vac uses two cyclonic air streams to suck up dirt and debris for “ultra” suction performance. And thanks to its streamlined design and accessories, you can get into tight spaces for a full clean.

Best Robot Vacuum Australia: ECOVACS Deebot X1 OMNI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

ECOVACS Deebot X1 OMNI Robot Vacuum Cleaner

3.0L Dust Bag and 4.0L Water Tank | Up to 5000Pa Suction | 5200 mAh Battery | Vacuum and Mop

Okay, before you exit because of the price tag – know that the ECOVACS Deebot X1 OMNI is worth it. It’s a robot friend that can answer all your cleaning needs, from daily vacuuming to mopping.

The all-in-one OMNI station gives you a true hands-free experience. It will auto-clean the vacuum and mop cloths, auto-empty the disposable dust bags, and even auto-refill the water container!

ECOVACS’ Deebot X1 OMNI has dual side brushes and a floating main brush so that no dust or stains are left behind. Its TrueMapping 2.0 tech helps make a map of your home so it can navigate its cleaning route quickly and efficiently – truly value for money.

If you want a more affordable robot vacuum

Most Powerful Vacuum Cleaner Australia: SEBO X7 Pet ePower Upright Vacuum Cleaner

SEBO X7 Pet ePower Upright Vacuum Cleaner

1.5L Capacity | 890W Power | 13.0m Operating Radius | Sensitive Choice® Approved Filtration

So many homeowners across different platforms swear by the powerful suction and performance of their SEBO vacuums. And the SEBO Automatic Pet ePower Upright Vacuum is one of the brand’s best.

The 890W motor paired with an automated control system and 31cm head ensures you get a dust-free home. The S-Class filter system also has integrated active charcoal to filter out fine particles and remove odours.

Moreover, the vertical design of the SEBO vacuum means all particles are sucked into the multi-layer electrostatic fleece bags, which are sealed so that no dust escapes.

Best Affordable Vacuum Cleaner Australia: BISSELL Featherweight 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

BISSELL Featherweight 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner

0.5L Capacity | 520W Power | 5.0m Power Cord | Converts to handheld

If you want good performance on a budget, BISSELL offers a great cheap vacuum cleaner in Australia. The Featherweight 2-in-1 Corded Upright Vacuum cleans your floors and tackles messes while weighing just 2.0kg!

This bagless upright vacuum has washable filters and an easy-empty waste container. Plus, you can convert it into a handheld vac for convenient cleaning of upholstery and hard-to-reach areas.

BISSELL’s Featherweight 2-in-1 Vacuum Cleaner is best for small homes and apartments or for spot-cleaning in larger homes.

Top Vacuum Cleaners in Australia for Different Uses

If you need a vacuum cleaner for a particular task – whether that’s vacuuming carpets or cleaning hard floors – here are some recommendations.



Best Vacuum for Carpet Australia: Samsung Bespoke Jet™

Samsung Bespoke Jet
0.5L Bin | Up to 210W Power | Up to 120 minutes run time (2 x 25.2V batteries) | Jet Dual Brush

Whether you’ve got a low-pile rug or a shaggy carpet, the Samsung Bespoke Jet™ can tackle them all. The Jet Dual Brush features a soft roller for large debris and a nylon bristle brush for carpets.

This stick vac features a 5-layer filtration system that includes the jet cyclone to remove fine particles and a fine dust filter to prevent emissions. These filters take out 99.99% of microdust particles.

Best of all, the Bespoke Jet™ comes with a Clean Station™ with Air Pulse technology to empty the bin without sending it back in the air – and charges the batteries at the same time.

Best Vacuum for Hardwood Floors Australia: Tineco Pure ONE S15

0.6L Bin | 500W Power | Up to 40 minutes run time | iLoop Smart Sensor

The Tineco Pure ONE S15 can tackle more than wood floors – it can clean pretty much any type of floor.

The PureCycline Tech ensures strong and consistent suction, while the iLoop Smart Sensor auto-senses messes to adjust suction power.

Moreover, the model features a dual-comb design with v-shaped bristles to efficiently pick up debris and fur – even cat hair! The LED headlight on the brush head highlights dust, especially underneath furniture or around corners.

Best Vacuum for Windows Australia: Kärcher WV 5 Plus Window Vacuum

Kärcher WV 5 Plus Window Vacuum

280mm Suction Nozzle | Up to 100 minutes run time | Up to 300 sqm surface | Microfibre Cover

Window vacuums are great for making our cleaning routines more efficient. The Kärcher WV 5 Plus Window Vacuum can clean windows and more – use it for tiles, shower glass, and other smooth surfaces.

Thanks to its innovative suction and lip technology, the WV 5 Plus doesn’t leave any streaks or moisture while in use. Plus, the flexible squeegee lip means you can get right up to the edges and leave no dirt behind.

The wide lip and long runtime mean you can go from window to window in your home without worrying about running out of battery. But if you want to check, the WV 5 Plus has an LED charge status to let you know how much time is left.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair Australia: Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner

4.5L Dust Bag | 12.0m Operating Radius | 890W Power | Active AirClean Odour Filtration

This is one of the most recommended vacuum cleaners for pet owners thanks to its fantastic performance. The Miele Complete C3 Cat & Dog vacuum is built for removing pet hair from top to bottom.

This cylinder vac features Miele’s TurboTeQ brush head that can remove pet hair and dander from most surfaces, including carpets.

Meanwhile, the Active AirClean filter reduces unpleasant odours thanks to the active charcoal in the system. This leaves the floor and air cleaner and fresher after vacuuming.

If you want a bagless barrel vacuum, there’s the Miele Blizzard CX1. This Cat & Dog bagless vacuum cleaner features a HEPA filter, a 2.0L container, and Click2Open system for quick and easy emptying.

Best Vacuum Cleaner for Large Homes Australia: SEBO Airbelt E1 Komfort

SEBO Airbelt E1 Komfort

3.5L Ultra Bag | 890W Power | 10.8 Operating Radius | Power Boost

If you’ve got a large home, you’ll want a vacuum with a large capacity and strong suction. The SEBO Airbelt E1 Komfort is an all-around vacuuming powerhouse that can get your whole house dust-free!

This SEBO model has 890W suction, but has a Power Boost mode that can temporarily increase that to 1200W for extra cleaning power. And since it’s suitable for most floors (even cut-pile carpet and hardwood), you can vacuum up everything.

The 3.5L sealable ultra bag means you can vacuum a lot of space before needing to change out the bag. Plus, the S-Class filtration and sealable bag mean you can empty the vacuum easily and without trouble.

Best Vacuum for Cars Australia: BLACK+DECKER Pivot Dustbuster

BLACK+DECKER Pivot Dustbuster

0.44L Dust Bin | Up to 10 minutes run time | 18V Lithium-Ion Battery | Pivoting nozzle

The BLACK+DECKER Pivot Dustbuster is perfect for cars thanks to its 200º pivoting nozzle and built-in extendable crevice nozzle. There’s also a flip-out tool brush.

With all these features, you can easily get into all the creases and crevices of your car – from the seats to the floor. The dust bowl is also translucent, so you can see when it’s time to empty it into the rubbish.

This model also features a foldable design while in its charger, so it won’t take up too much space in your garage.

FAQs about Vacuum Cleaners

Got more questions about vacuums? We’ve got you covered!



What is the best brand for vacuum cleaners in Australia?

There are plenty of reputable brands to choose from when searching for a good quality vacuum cleaner. 

Of those available in Australia, some proven and reliable brands include:

  • Dyson
  • Miele
  • Shark
  • SEBO
  • VAX

It may look unusual, but Numatic Henry and Hetty canister vacuums are also great quality! The Hetty has a larger capacity, and many reviewers say it’s a good quiet vacuum cleaner.

Meanwhile, the Henry model is a classic and is best for pet owners as it can lift fur and dander from carpet fibres easily.



What vacuum is comparable to a Dyson?

Many online reviewers and homeowners tout Tineco, Shark, and even Samsung vacuums as equally powerful alternatives to Dyson vacuums.

If Dyson vacs are out of your budget (such as the V15 Detect Absolute), check those brands for more affordable vacs.



Do Dyson vacuums work better?

Dyson is a longstanding, proven brand in the world of vacuums. They’re built for power and performance, and their quality makes them worth the price point.

That said, Dyson vacuums aren’t necessarily better – but they are good. However, other vacuum brands can offer similar performance and other features that might be more suited for your home needs.



Are robot vacuum cleaners worth it?

Yes – with a caveat. Robot vacuums are best for small homes (especially single-level ones) and apartments. They’re also great for helping you stay on top of day-to-day cleaning.

However, robot vacuum cleaners aren’t as powerful as, say, an upright vacuum or barrel vacuum. They’re not meant for deep cleaning or big messes, but rather for taking on daily light vacuuming or mopping.

A robot vac can help you save time and effort on maintaining your floors (especially tile or hard floors). But if you have a large home with changes in elevation or lots of carpets, it may not be worth it.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.