How Much Does A Bond Clean Cost On The Sunshine Coast?

This very common question comes up often, and there’s no set answer. The cost of services for bond cleaning Sunshine Coast can vary. The services and size of the rental will dramatically influence how much you pay out of pocket. Additionally, some companies may charge a premium for their services, based on the brand name or the calibre of equipment.

Knowing this information, we can give you a ballpark estimate for a full bond cleaning. These numbers will vary from company to company, and do not include extra services, like blind cleaning or full wall washing. The average industry prices for a full bond clean are:

  • A single room: $85
  • A studio/1-bedroom, 1-bath: $120 to $200
  • 2-bedrooms with 1-2 baths: $200 to $350
  • 3-bedrooms with 1-2 baths: $300 to $450
  • 4-bedrooms with 1-3 baths: $400 to $500
  • 5-bedrooms or more: $450+

Getting the best bond cleaning price on the Sunshine Coast requires transparency. You should know what services you will receive before the cleaners arrive. Some companies may not provide a quote upfront or their pricing structure. And, not all cleaners are created equal – what may first appear like a “good price” can quickly turn into a costly bargain.

Beware of hidden fees, for example. Some bond cleaners do not include carpet cleaning, pest control, or upholstery cleaning. You can only get those services through an extra charge. The same applies to the cancellation fees, in case you cancel too close to the service date. 

Tips To Lower Bond Cleaning Costs

If you are operating on a tight budget, the odds are you’re looking for ways to cut expenses. Fortunately, it is possible to aid your wallet without sacrificing cleaning standards. While we do not recommend cleaning your apartment yourself, it can be done, especially if you have a little help.

Hire One Or Two Helpers

If you are a DIYer, know that bond cleaners are more than willing to lend a helping hand. They can provide one or two professional helpers to offer insight while cleaning, at a fraction of the price. Typically, a bond cleaner will charge an hourly rate per worker.

Pick And Choose Services

Bond cleaning comes with a long checklist of services. For instance, the garage requires vacuuming, sweeping, dusting, and cleaning. The requirements in other rooms are significantly longer.

One way to circumnavigate the full cost of a bond clean is to pick the services you need most. For instance, the bathrooms and kitchen appliances in your rental may require professional-grade attention compared to the curtains and carpets. That way, you can focus your resources on the most pressing issues without compromising the quality of service.

Finding The Right Bond Cleaner

Reviews. Recommendations. Research. These tips will all send you in the right direction to find the ideal bond clean on the Sunshine Coast. The key is to find a reliable and trustworthy company whose services match your needs and preferences. You do not want to come across hidden fees afterward because of sneaky business practices. Try procuring at least three bids for the bond clean before settling on a vendor.

For the best bond cleaning on the Sunshine Coast, give Maid2Match a call today for a free quote.

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