How To Choose An Office Cleaning Service

Having a clean and well-maintained office environment is key to success in any business because it leaves a good impression on clients and keeps employees healthy. Having on-site cleaning staff in your payroll should cover this, but if your office space or budget is too small, hiring a commercial cleaning staff works just as well.

An office cleaning company can save you money on office maintenance, but only if you choose one that’s right for your business. In this guide, we’ll share some tips on how to find good office cleaning services.

Do They Have Insurance?

The first thing to ask when hiring a cleaning service is proof of insurance as well as their general and workers’ compensation certificates. Liability insurance will protect you against costs incurred in the event a cleaner gets injured on the job. Also, ask if the company hires regular employees as they are the ones that are covered by insurance against liability and injury.

Consider Going Local

A cleaning company with a local office or, better yet, a local headquarters, means they can quickly send a crew to your office if necessary. It’s also helpful in case you need to talk to them personally, as you’ll be able to explain things in detail in a face-to-face conversation. If the cleaning company is part of a franchise, you can also ask if they have a local manager that you can talk to in case you need something in a hurry.

Check If They Have Emergency Services

Whether it is water pipes bursting in the winter or toilets backing up, emergencies are an inevitable occurrence in any office. It’s crucial to have an office cleaning company that will come in a moment’s notice to clean up the mess and prevent further damage to your facilities. Most office cleaning offices offer emergency cleaning services, but they usually charge for these at a premium. Make sure that the company you hire has such services available and at reasonable rates.

Ask If They Have An MSDS List

Material Data Safety Sheets or MSDS is a list that details how to handle various chemicals and is indispensable for any commercial cleaning company. Any business that handles chemicals, even if they are not considered dangerous, must have an MSDS for each substance and how it reacts with other compounds and possible health hazards that may result from exposure to it.

MSDS lists should be a mandatory requirement when looking for an office cleaning company. If you have employees who speak languages other than English, make sure the company can provide translations as well.

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