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14 Ways To Use A Lint Roller

by | Apr 19, 2021 | Cleaning Tips

Here’s the story: we were at a dinner party I was hosting, when a friend of mine accidentally dropped her wine glass. Not surprisingly, the glass broke into a million tiny pieces. I blame that beautiful bottle of Cab from one of the local vineyards for getting my friend to drink one glass too many. But I’m digressing here.

So back to the shattered wine glass that I was trying to clean up. As you can imagine, it wasn’t the best time for us to crawl on all fours because we were all in our nice outfits, but I couldn’t leave the glass pieces just scattered on the floor, either.

Then here comes my other friend with a big grin on her face and whips out – guess what – a lint roller. You won’t believe what she did. In under 5 minutes, she had the whole situation under control and had those nasty little glass pieces sticking to her lint roller in a jiffy. How cool is that?

That got me thinking about the many ways to use a lint roller. This unsung hero of every girl and guy’s wardrobe is simply underrated. Apart from being every killer outfit’s sidekick and every dog owner’s magic wand, you can use it on anything. Turns out, these 14 are just the tip of the iceberg.



Lamp shades

Lamp shades collect dust as their second job. I am 93% sure that they get paid for it because they are so good at it and work incredibly hard at it. Unless you want your lamp to look like a kaleidoscope when you turn it on, it’s best to have your shade pristine. 

Roll your lint roller on all parts of the shade to remove dust, pet fur, hair, or tiny threads sticking to it. Give yourself a minute or two (not one minute more) and I promise you’ll have your lamp looking as it should, no crazy smiley shadows appearing on your wall guaranteed.



Curtains and Drapes

When I was a kid, I would go behind the drapes during hide-and-seek in the hopes that our cousin who was ‘it’ wouldn’t find me. Guess what? My sneezes were a dead giveaway about my hiding place. 

Removing and putting on curtains or drapes isn’t a favourite task in any household. Cleaning them quickly is as impossible as asking my grandmother to switch to Roman blinds instead. Or is it? Try rolling your lint roller around your drapes and see the specks of dust stick to your roller like a kid to a jar of Nutella. Just wish I knew this trick when I was younger!



Sugar, spice, and everything nice

When you’re baking cakes and cookies, cleaning spilled salt, baking soda, sugar, and sprinkles come with the job. My dachshund, Mr. Chuck, is more than happy to help me out with this, but there are times I prefer a cleaner way to clean, if you know what I mean. I find that it’s most convenient to just roll my lint roller on the benchtop and sanitise right after with a disinfecting wipe. You can use a separate sheet for spilled sprinkles on the floor, or have your trusty sausage dog enjoy a sugar rush, whichever you prefer.



Bag clean-up

Who isn’t guilty of having a dumpster at the bottom of your purse or backpack? I know I am. And neat freak that I am, I still can’t stop the wayward choco chip cookie crumb from finding its way into my bag. That, together with tiny bits of croissant flakes that I’ve had for breakfast before rushing off to work, make for bread confetti when you turn my bag upside-down. I’m sure this happened to you, too. 

There’s one solution for the likes of us. We either go gluten-free and have bananas for breakfast for the rest of our lives, or we pick our weapon of attack: the unassuming lint roller. Simply empty the contents of your bag and roll your lint roller in there until you’ve removed every crumb, stray hairs, and who-knows-what-else. Your bag will be good as new.



Car upholstery

The only thing worse than sitting on crumbs and dust when you’re wearing your favourite black outfit is having that happen to you when you’re in the car. There’s no turning back with this scenario, literally. 

Before this fiasco happens to you, clean out your car upholstery by rolling your lint roller on all the seats and backrest. You can do this to clean out biscuit crumbs in prams and car seats, too. For posterity, always put a spare roller in the glove compartment of your car. Spare tires are not the only thing handy nowadays.



Glitter disaster

If you love confetti and glitter as much as the next girl, you probably have a secret craft room stashed between your study and your bedroom. While a glitter spill is not as cataclysmic as a nuclear fallout, it is definitely an explosion of sorts. I would tell my small niece that a unicorn sneezed whenever we would accidentally spill glitter and confetti in my craft room. 

I’m sure she never fell for any of it, but it made her more enthusiastic when cleaning up. I’d just hand her the turquoise lint roller (her favourite one) and she’d giggle while rolling it on the ‘unicorn snot’. Before we know it, the glitter is gone and we’re left with a metallic lint roller that sparkles under the lights. I let her keep the roller sometimes so she can use it as an imaginary microphone or magic wand. 



Flaky skin

Yes to this, and that includes embarrassing flakes from your scalp as well. You remember those dandruff shampoo commercials where the guy or girl will brush off flakes that settled on their dark shirt? Not one of them ever looked pleased when they saw the dandruff on their shirt. To act embarrassed on commercials is one thing, but it’s another issue if you’re walking around like it just snowed on your part of the globe. 

Even reality TV isn’t as real as society gets, and it can be unforgiving. Save yourself the embarrassment and take out that lint roller you’ve been saving and roll it on your clothes. You’ll have the flakes off of your shirt in no time. This is great for sunburned skin that’s starting to peel, too.



Carpet and furniture

Dirt and clutter are my pet peeves, but none more so than a carpet or piece of furniture that’s hiding food bits, dust, and hair in it. Faster than you can throw your hands in the air and say ‘ugh’, rolling your lint roller on them will remove the nasty bits instantly. Unless, of course, you’re feeling particularly energised that day. By all means, take out the vacuum cleaner, assemble it, and move it about until you’ve given your carpet and furniture a major clean-up. About the hassle of doing this, though…



Glass shards

You can say that this particular use is the one that started my obsession with the lint roller. It’s just genius. For one, glass shards are dangerous to pick up because they can cut your skin. Two, they’re practically invisible. And three, the shards can end up too tiny for you to be able to make out. It sounds impossible, right? Wrong. Simply roll your lint roller on the floor and watch the mess disappear. You won’t ever have to feel nervous walking barefoot in your kitchen like the contessa you are. Easy.




If you’re a firm believer of organised chaos, you would totally get this. There are days when you just have to stuff everything in your drawers, do a quick run-through of your house cleaning, then proceed to your next task, all in a span of less than 30 minutes. 

Unless you want to do a drawer purge and organise the contents one by one, you may have to resort to this life hack: empty the contents of your drawer and roll your lint roller inside until you have removed all the nasty bits in there. Leave a cotton ball soaked in vanilla or peppermint in your drawer to freshen the smell – then put everything back in, no need to organise. Voila! Quick drawer clean in less than 10 minutes.




It’s a shared sentiment: we love our speakers as much as our overplayed Spotify playlist, but hate cleaning it as much as that breakup playlist that reminds us of days long forgotten. Using rags or cotton buds to clean speakers can be tedious and time-consuming. 

Unless you’re pretty enthusiastic about spending an hour or two tinkering with your speaker like the electric technician you may not be, there’s a smarter and less risky way of cleaning it – by using a lint roller. Rolling your lint roller on your speakers removes dust particles without ruining parts like delicate mesh fabric and wires and cords. Faster, too, and more convenient. Tell me why we’d do it the old-fashioned way again?




The ‘lint’ in lint roller probably had a towel as its ancestor. Where there are towels, lint is sure to follow. Doesn’t matter if your linen has a high thread count, terry fabric’s destiny is to go back to its lint-loving past life. While picking lint and hair off of your towels and bathrobes with a tweezer sounds like the ultimate fun, a quicker solution is available. Roll your lint roller on your linen and see the hairs and lint lift off effortlessly, no patience required.




Need I say more? I’m just shaking my head here. Picking up bugs, whether dead or alive, is not for the faint of heart and in this regard, I’m just feeling very faint indeed. Let’s not go into specifics here but you know how it’s like to see creepy crawlies, for sure. 

Good thing there’s the ever-reliable lint roller to the rescue. Swipe the bug with a lint roller – we won’t judge if you prefer to wear gloves and other personal protective equipment – and dispose of it. You might want to use your least-loved roller, because you’ll be throwing it anyhow. Makes everything all the more dramatic, too.



Stray hairs

woman using lint roller on bedsheet

If bugs are the ultimate fear factor, stray hairs on your bedroom or bathroom floor are the ultimate test of patience. Make it easy on yourself and use a lint roller instead of tissue for picking up the stray hairs. They’ll stick to your roller without resistance and you’ll have your bedroom or bathroom floor cleaned in an instant. We’re about good time management here. 

Ask yourself, what can you do with your time? 20 minutes spent on picking up stray hairs or 20 minutes spent listening to an awesome Podcast so you can upskill? I rest my case.



If you don’t love lint rollers as much as I do, you have yet to get yourself one and start swiping on the surfaces in your home. I know that I may have some extra appreciation since I write about house cleaning – but I promise, you’ll be surprised by how endless the possibilities are. In fact, as we speak, I’m using my lint roller to clean out the crumbs on my keyboard. Talk about multitasking.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.