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Open under sink cabinet with different cleaning supplies in kitchen

Under Sink Storage Ideas

by | Jan 26, 2022 | Interior Design

We rarely think about the space under our sink. It’s dark and musty, and usually just there to house the plumbing. It’s awkward to use efficiently and effectively because of all the pipes. Sometimes we’ll shove cleaning supplies in there, but it’s not a place you think to organise… After all, who looks at the under-sink area?

(You do, that’s who.)

Under-sink storage is important for a lot of reasons. It makes it easier to keep things neat, and gives you easy access to cleaning supplies. It’ll be easier to clean, too (and make sure you’re cleaning the under-sink cabinet – or getting a cleaning service to do that for you). Whether you’re organising under the bathroom or kitchen sink, it’ll help you a lot in the long run.

Want to organise all your cleaning supplies, or just need to clean up under the kitchen sink? Here are some under sink storage ideas to tackle that small – but important! – space.



Under sink organisers

storage in the kitchen under the sink

There are plenty of organisers to suit your storage needs – just pick what fits! You can put plastic drawers on top of each other, or find stackable storage baskets that slot into your sink cabinet. Office and desktop organisers are great to repurpose (and you can get cute ones, too).

One great organisation hack is using a tension rod to hang spray bottles and similar items. Just affix the tension rod across the inside of the cabinet, hook the spray bottles on, and presto! Convenient storage under the sink.



Float it

Floating shelves, that is. These are easy to fit alongside the plumbing in the under-sink area since you can have them built around the pipes. Install maybe one to two shelves of different sizes to organise your storage bins or wire baskets. Having open shelves will also give you easier access to the cleaning supplies you need.



Room for more

two hampers under the sink and counter

If you’ve got a floating bathroom counter with a lot of space under the sink, you’ve got a lot more options. Keep the hamper for dirty clothes underneath so it’s not in the way, or slide the rubbish bin there so it’s tucked out of sight.

You can also add a free-standing shelf to organise your cleaning supplies. Give yourself easy access to all the bottles and brushes you need to clean the bathroom. (And make sure you clean at least once a week!)



Draw it out

pull out drawer under the sink drawer for garbage bags storage and small detergents

Pull-out drawers or trays will make a crammed cabinet much neater, and make things easier to organise. You can have drawers in multiple sizes to hold different cleaning products and other things.

Group similar items together in each drawer – and don’t forget to label so you know what goes where! It’ll save you from having to search for that one bottle you need right now.



Hang ups

Different cleaning tools and supplies in open cabinet under sink

Use your cabinet door and install some hooks for hanging things like your hairdryer. This gives you quick access to any bathroom essentials you might need. Alternatively, hang cleaning supplies there to us for when you need to clean the toilet or the shower glass.

You can also use this trick under the kitchen sink. Hooks behind cabinet doors are great for any cleaning brushes or cloths you might use to scrub the dishwasher or the fridge. By using hanging space, you’re giving yourself more space to store other essentials as well.



Hidden bin

Opened kitchen cabinet with sink and installed garbage bin

Make clever use of your cabinets to hold a secret rubbish bin! Store a bin under the kitchen sink and have it pull out so you can throw out food debris easily. No more gumming up your pipes or your benchtop with food scraps – just scrape them right into the rubbish. Best of all, the bin will slide back out of sight when you’re done.



Bag and roll

If you have limited space in your under-sink area, use it to store garbage bags. Install rods or hanging rollers, then just unravel a bag when you need one. It’s easier access than having your garbage bags stored away in a cabinet, since you can just pull one off and go.

It may sound tempting, but don’t use this idea for paper towels. The space under your sink gets very humid and musty, so it could cause the fibres to grow damp. This could eventually lead to mould. Plus, you need a paper towel way more often than a rubbish bag, so keep the roll within easy reach – a.k.a. not under the sink.



Caddy up

Open under sink cabinet with different cleaning supplies in kitchen

Repurpose a shower caddy for smaller items like sponges, spray bottles, and gloves. This makes things easier to grab when you need to tidy up. You’ll have all the necessary cleaning supplies in one place – no need to dig around under the sink to find that one brush for cleaning the tile grout.



Lights out

Small, touch-activated or motion-activated lights will help illuminate your under-sink area and let you find this easily. You’ll also spot problems like mould faster if you can see – and you’ll be giving the handyman a hand (ha!) if he needs to fix anything under the sink.

There are plenty of under sink storage ideas – just make sure to keep the under-sink area organised, or all these tips will go to nothing. Then take out your organisers and give the whole space a wipe-down every so often… or your cleaning supplies will get dirty, and you won’t be able to clean with them!


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.