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School Bag Storage Ideas

by | Mar 16, 2022 | Interior Design

The morning rush can be pretty overwhelming for any mum. When you have to prepare breakfast for the whole family AND get your children ready for school, it’s one heck of a riot that’s not for the faint of heart.

While there has yet to be a solution to kids’ tantrums over brekkie preferences (banana pancakes vs avo toast is a daily debate in our house), there’s one thing you won’t have to worry about: making sure your kids are prepared for class.

With these smart school bag storage ideas, you can be sure your children have everything they need in the morning without you having to stress over it.


Ideas for school bag storage


1. Personalise with a chalkboard

chalk in the children's play area

Avoid the daily hustle (and hassle) by using a personalised school bag organiser. To make one, you will need wood panels, sturdy hooks, and a chalkboard for each child. Simply follow these steps and you’ll have a cool school bag storage station in an instant:

  • Install the wood panels on the wall near the entryway or front door. One wood panel should correspond to one school bag.
  • Attach a hook to each panel.
  • Write the names of your kids on each chalkboard. Get creative with how you design each chalkboard — or get your kids to participate in the project by writing their names themselves!
  • Install the chalkboard above each panel. 



2. Make a moveable kids’ locker

This school organisation station can be positioned anywhere and can store other school items as well. Here’s how you can make this DIY kids’ locker using an old cabinet, spray paint, some hooks, baskets, and wood planks.

  • Remove the doors from the cabinet.
  • Spray the cabinet with your kids’ favourite colour — or use different colours to make it more fun!
  • Attach hooks on the sides of the cabinet. Make sure the hooks can carry the weight of the school bags — they can be pretty heavy with all the books and school supplies crammed in.
  • Place baskets at the bottom shelf for added organisation space. You can use this as storage for school shoes, kids’ artwork, extra scrap paper, or craft materials.
  • If the cabinet has a top shelf, you can use it to store your own bags and other personal items.



3. Secure your kids’ school bags with a rod

shelf rod

Heavy school bags have a tendency to slide and tumble from the shelf. Keep your kids’ school bags from falling off by securing the shelf with a wooden or metal rod.

Place the rod across the shelf at a height that’s still comfortable for your kids — the rod will prevent the bags from toppling over and ensure that they stay neatly in place.



4. Repurpose a file organiser

Customise a file organiser by repurposing it into a school bag storage unit. Install metal hooks at the bottom of the organiser from which you can hang bags, school hats, and other items. Decorate the organiser with your kids’ initials to make it more personalised. You can also use this nifty contraption for keeping house and car keys organised.



5. Sentimental school bag storage idea

Give your kids something to smile about in the morning with this thoughtful school bag organisation idea. Frame your kids’ favourite childhood photographs and install them above their bag storage. This awesome idea is pretty easy to do — and will make your kids think you’re the best mum in the world!



6. Corkboard school bag racks

corkboard with Post-its

With this cute bag organisation hack, your school bag storage unit can be decorative as well. You just need some corkboards (one per child is recommended), some wooden frames, large clips, and strong hooks. This DIY bag organiser is a great idea — and a good excuse — to gather the whole family for an arts and crafts project!

  • Cut the corkboards into large squares — make sure each square is large enough to hold the clip and your child’s initials.
  • Attach a clip at the lower end of each corkboard. This can hold written reminders, Post-Its, and tickets, and other important stuff you’ll want your child to see right away.
  • Stick your child’s initials on the corkboard. You can ask your kids to decorate the corkboards — the more unique, the better!
  • Frame the finished masterpieces on the wall. You place them along the hallway or near the front door for easy access.
  • Install a hook underneath each framed corkboard to hang school bags and lunch boxes from.



7. Built-in school bag storage at home

Any small area in your home can be transformed into a DIY storage. This beautiful school bag storage station doubles as a nook while keeping wayward bags, lunch boxes, and other school belongings in place.

To create this homely school bag storage idea, all you need are some wooden planks, wicker baskets, brass hooks, and some throw pillows. Before you start on your project, make sure all the clutter in the area has been removed.

  • Make floating shelves by installing wooden planks along the wall. The height should be easy for you and your kids to reach.
  • Install a bench under the shelves for comfortable seating.
  • Paint the nook with your chosen colour. Neutral hues such as white, beige, and grey complement any home and give an understated vibe.
  • Attach brass hooks on the walls to hang school bags, hats and other personal accessories from.
  • Position baskets under the bench for additional storage space for shoes.
  • Decorate your new nook with throw pillows to make it more homely.



8. Storage area with different colours

Colour organisation is one of the tidy mum’s tricks to keeping kids’ school and personal items organised. Even better if your children can help you choose what colour to put in their locker. It’s a great school bag storage area for keeping drink bottles, sports stuff, school notes, and other items organised.



9. Use multi-level floating shelves to save space

shelves with peg for hanging schoolbags

Make the most of your vertical space with these multi-level floating shelves for school bag storage. You just need some wood planks and long wooden pegs to hang school bags and other personal items from.

  • Attach wooden pegs to the shelves. Space them evenly to ensure that the school bags are not overcrowding the plank.
  • Install the floating shelves on a wall near your entryway or in your kids’ bedroom. Align the shelves vertically while making sure there’s enough space for each school bag.
  • Hang the bags from the shelves — you’re all set!



10. Repurpose a bookshelf

An old bookshelf works just as well for keeping tiny school bags, shoes, and coats tidy. All you need to do is follow these easy steps:

  • Install a sturdy hook in the shelf for hanging your kid’s school bag. You can also attach the hooks on the exterior of the shelf for added storage.
  • Place a basket at the bottom of the shelf for school shoes and other footwear. Easy as!



Keep your home organised and clutter-free

With these clever ideas for school bag storage, you’ll be looking forward to happier and more relaxed mornings with your family. Here’s another thing you can get excited about: having your kids feel secure knowing their stuff is organised and ready before going to school.

Take home organisation a step further — and give yourself a much-needed break — by getting regular professional cleaning services. With professional cleaners, you can rest from housework and get to have a clutter-free and fresh-smelling house in the end.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.