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Pool Toy Storage Ideas

by | Feb 21, 2022 | Interior Design

Few activities beat relaxing in the pool during summer. You’ve got all your pool toys floating around, the pool chairs are ready for your relaxation, there’s a cool drink waiting… But all good things come to an end, especially when your skin’s getting pruney from the water.

It’s easy to get yourself out of the pool, less so to clean up pool accessories and wet towels. While it’s tempting to dump everything in a pile and call it a day, you really should clean up. Leaving pool supplies in the water is unsightly and clutters the pool area. You’ll also risk them getting dirty or gathering mildew.

Fortunately, there are plenty of awesome pool storage ideas. Wet towels can go anywhere from a waterproof coat rack to a repurposed ladder. Hang up a storage bin for goggles and sunscreen bottles. Upcycle a wooden pallet to store pool noodles. You can even install hooks along the pool fence to hang various pieces of pool equipment!

Make swimming time worry-free by having the best pool storage ready for when summer’s over. You can even save yourself more effort by having a professional cleaning service take care of your home’s interior. Then you’ll have all the time to relax around your swimming pool – just don’t forget the sunblock!



DIY Pool Towel Storage

towels on a ladder near a brick wall

For a waterproof coat rack to hang up your pool towels, go DIY with some PVC pipes! You can also improvise and add hooks to your pool fence for hanging towels and wet togs. This way, once playtime is done, it’s pretty easy for your kids to put their towels on the hooks.

Alternatively, you can upcycle items like a ladder or a wine rack to store towels. Plastic ladders are great for hanging wet linens – just lean one against any vertical surface. Meanwhile, a wine rack can store rolled-up clean towels for the next time you go swimming.

(Of course, you could always just buy a waterproof coat rack from the store, but where’s the fun in that?)




Upcycled Wooden Pallet

Affix some wooden pallets on your fence to hold your pool noodles! Just slot the toys in through the wood and leave them to dry. You can even add additional hooks for other pool necessities on the outer side of the pallet. Mini hooks are great for smaller items, while larger hooks can hold pool floats.



Easy Access Baskets

pool toys inside a basket

For quick pool storage, hang up some cheap baskets or storage bins along a nearby wall or fence. This way, you can easily store sunscreen bottles, goggles, and other small items. Place waterproof labels on the outside to keep things more organised – and make sure your kids follow them!





Designated Laundry Basket

Plastic basket with four rolled soft towels by the pool

Have a plastic laundry bin sitting near the swimming pool so that you’re ready to collect towels, clothes, and other linens. Then you can take them straight to the laundry room, or hang them up to dry first.



Floating Toy Box

Collect pool toys easy-peasy by affixing pool floats or a spare pool noodle around a whole basket. It’ll make cleaning up simple for small floaties and other toys, since your kids can just dump them in the basket when playtime is done.



Netted Up

If you have particularly large pool toys or floats, string up a cargo net along the side of the house or fence. Affix outdoor-grade hooks high up, then attach the cargo net so it’s hanging down. Presto – easy pool float storage, with the added advantage of having them dry out before their next use.



Pool storage ideas are great for keeping the pool space clean and free of clutter – which could pose a hazard to any enthusiastic kids running around. It’ll also make it easier for you to tidy up once playtime is done. You’ll also have somewhere to store pool toys once summer is over… although we all wish the wet and wild fun wouldn’t end!


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.