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It’s very common to be excited when moving into a new apartment. A fresh start, a new job or a move into a new town. All these are enough reasons to get you excited and start ideating on the interior décor of your new home. Still, before moving out your main challenge will be cleaning the current place you are living before you can move out. Most importantly, your Property Manager won’t give back your bond when your lease comes to an end without ensuring that your apartment is sparkling clean. Moving is an expense on its own and the bond money can help a great deal in offsetting some moving costs.

Why You Need A Bond Cleaner

You can opt to enlist the help of a bond cleaning company or do the cleaning yourself. However, we all know how much of a hustle it can be trying to pack all your stuff and at the same time be thinking about the cleaning. At Maid2Match, we are at the core of bond cleaning in Brisbane thus giving you peace of mind and ensure you get your bond money back. There are several reasons as to why you should consider hiring us for your bond cleaning services when your lease comes to an end. Our cleaning services will not only be done to the standards of the RTA and guarantee you 100% satisfaction that will meet the expectations of your Property Manager but will also ensure that the house will be sparkling clean as you first moved in.

Secondly, our bond cleaning services are not only in Brisbane but also in the Gold Coast. Maid2Match cleaning services in both Brisbane and Gold Coast are the best that you can get around. Thirdly, hiring Maid2Match means that you have more time to pack your house stuff and move swiftly while we worry about the cleaning on your behalf. We all know how hard trying to pack, coordinate movers and worry about cleaning can be. Let us take care of your bond cleaning so that you can get packing and get to move houses. Additionally, we have the skills, knowledge, expertise and equipment that is necessary to get your house clean having extensive years in the bond cleaning business. You will not have to worry about spending extra money in buying supplies that you will never use again. We will also ensure that we repair any damages to the house you are moving out off so as to guarantee you your bond back.


Assuming you have a big house, it can be a hustle getting all the cleaning done room by room. By letting Maid2Match clean your apartment for you, we are saving you time and letting you have a stress-free move. At Maid2Match, we are not only excellent at what we do but guarantee you that our team is trustworthy, insured and licensed. Moreover, our costs are very affordable and even at that we don’t compromise on the quality of service we give you. If all you need to get your bond back is a bond cleaning service then Maid2Match is here for you.


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