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Lego Storage Ideas

by | Feb 10, 2022 | Interior Design

One of the best things about a Lego collection is the Lego creations you can make. One of the worst things, however, is how those Lego bricks can get, well… everywhere. There are few things worse than accidentally stepping on a stray Lego – ouch!

To lessen the chances of unwanted foot pain, it’s important to store Lego bricks away when not in use. Fortunately, storing Lego bricks is pretty straightforward. Use a Lego bag to hold the set, or DIY a Lego table. Repurpose desktop organisers or toolboxes to store Legos. Even plastic bins or hanging buckets are a great way to keep your Lego pieces.

Lego storage solutions are a great way to keep your kid’s bedroom organised, making things easier for you. It’ll also help out any professional cleaning services you hire (of course, they can tidy up for you, too!).

Need Lego organiser ideas for a Lego set? Here are some of the best Lego storage ideas – just make sure your kid follows them!



DIY Lego Table

Lego table with toys

Go for both function and fun by making a Lego table for your Lego organisation! Take a low table, perfect for young kids, and affix Lego mats on top. This way, your kids can have their Lego play all in one place that’s easily accessible.

You can keep any instruction manuals and extra pieces in clear plastic bins underneath the table. As a bonus, the table can double as a Lego display for a little kid’s creations.



Corner Wall Lego Boards

Designate one corner of your kid’s bedroom and use the wall space as Lego boards. Stick the Lego base plates to the wall and set your kid on their Lego journey. Then you’ll have both storage and wall art – just make sure there aren’t any accidents!



Desktop Organisers

Woman hands sticking printing label sticker with name title of toy for comfortable storage and sorting in plastic case box.

Repurpose desktop organisers like storage bins, small drawers, or filing cabinets for storing sets. You can sort by colour, size, type – whichever works best for you and your child. This also works well for small Lego pieces.



Lego Storage Trough

Another way to use wall space for Lego storage is to install a trough! This is great for small collections or large Lego bricks, and gives your kids easy access to their toys. You can also use it as a teaching tool so your kids can learn to clean up after themselves – and sort by colour + size, too!



Plastic Bins

Plastic storage organizer toy box container case

If you have a particularly huge collection, you may want bigger boxes or clear containers to store and sort Legos. Check a hardware store for large plastic bins that can hold all your Lego sets. Then you can keep them in a cabinet or corner of the room for easy clean-up.



Hanging Buckets

Go for a more industrial look by hanging several buckets off your wall for Lego storage. Then you can just pile the Legos into each bucket at the end of the day, leaving the entire room clean… until little kids make a mess again the next day.



Stackable Lego Storage

Check your local hardware store for stackable storage options. These can be made of acrylic or plastic, so long as they fit neatly on top of each other. You can unstack the containers for playtime, then return them to their storage location afterwards.



Toolbox Organiser

building kit for kid. lego designer details

Take an old tackle box or toolbox and upcycle it into holding tiny pieces of Lego! The small compartments are the perfect solution for storing separate pieces. You can also play it extra safe and keep the toolbox out of reach, so a little kid doesn’t go sneaking fingers in.



Lego Storage Bag

If your Lego set is small, you can store all those bricks in a drawstring bag! It’s a simple and easy Lego storage solution – you can even have separate bags for multiple colours. Pile the Legos in after playtime, then pull the bag shut, easy-peasy.



Colour-Coordinated Containers

green box full of red legos

One great idea is to sort out the basic bricks by colour and place them in storage boxes. This way, if your kid is fussy about colours, they have easy access to the correct container. You also won’t have to dig around to find that one red brick your kid needs!



Hideaway Lego Storage

If you want to maximise your kid’s bedroom floor space, consider hideable Lego storage ideas! Organise Lego pieces in a storage unit that slides under the bed or table, making the whole room look much neater when the Legos are put away.



Giant Lego Cabinets

What’s a cuter way to store Legos than in giant Lego-shaped cabinets? If you have a local woodworker, get a set of Lego-shaped cupboards custom-made. They’re perfect for organising Lego and give the playroom a unique, Instagrammable look.



Lego Shelves for Display

toy train built from building blocks displayed in a shelf

We’ve talked about how to store loose Lego pieces, but what about Lego storage ideas for already built sets? You could leave them on the Lego table, sure, but you could also go the extra mile. Install some Lego shelves in your kid’s playroom for a special display for their awesome creations.

There are plenty more Lego storage solutions, but we’d run out of breath listing them all. You could customise a play mat, build storage into a table, or even use a shoe hanger. The important thing is to keep the Legos neat and organised, or you’ll get stray pieces scattered around – and then you’ll have to watch where you walk!


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.