Heard the word about Lawn.com.au’s garden maintenance and lawn mowing services yet? 

Memorable brands create enduring connections with their customers. They do this by clearly articulating what they stand for and who they do and don’t serve.

At Maid2Match we have always known we wanted to be a master of one thing: Cleaning.

So when we have been asked time and again to expand our services in gardening and lawn mowing, we wanted it to be under the condition that it did not subtract from our existing services. The most effective way to do this is by creating a new brand. Introducing Lawn.com.au.

Lawn.com.au allows customers in Australian to book gardening and lawn mowing services online in under 60 seconds. It matches customers with verified, insured and friendly gardening professionals.

The main services Lawn.com.au is providing are:

  • Lawn mowing
  • Gardeners
  • NDIS lawn mowing and gardening services


Additionally, it has select services in some cities which include: aeration, mulching, lawn care, top dressing, tree removal, gutter cleaning, green waste removal, garden clean up and some landscaping services.

Visit their website in order to find out more information or book your first service: https://lawn.com.au/ 

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