Cleaning your kitchen may not be your favorite part of the day but it should always be a part of your day. Daily cleaning is what ultimately cuts down on the amount of time you spend deep cleaning and organizing on your days off. It is difficult to keep a spotless kitchen, and it is also impractical since your kitchen is meant for a bit of a mess. However, it is also meant to be easy to clean and organized in a way that saves you time in your culinary and indulgent endeavors.

What we have made here is a mix of two different methods and techniques that productive homeowners have successfully used to clean their kitchen in under 20 minutes. We know that in reality, you cannot clean everything top to bottom in 20 minutes so do not threaten to send us to the looney bin for this. We know there is only so much you can do in a small amount of time. We also know that a great deal can be accomplished in 20 minutes or less if you are focused and have a game plan. You can use both of these methods since they are both good in different ways. Ready for some real tips that work? Check them out below!

The Speed Clean Maintenance Method

One method that works really well for many people is to split up the different levels of cleaning on a daily, weekly and monthly level. Since not all things need to be cleaned every day or every week, this is a great way to make sure you are cleaning everything and being efficient at the same time. Here are the basics of this cleaning method:


  • Daily – You will want to clean out and wipe or hose down the sink and counters every day. This will ensure that the dishes and items used ever day do not stack up and turn into a bigger, more overwhelming mess. The other main thing you will want to do daily is to dust mop or sweep up the kitchen floor after wiping everything down. This is also something that builds up a lot over time but if it is kept up with daily, the mess never really gets out of hand. All of these things should take less than 5 minutes and are completely doable on a daily basis.

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  • Weekly – Wipe down things like the cabinets, switch plates, phone, splashes, and appliances. Many people may not do this often but these things get really dirty over time and when left to collect splatter and dust it can get really grimy and unsanitary. Also, wash out the dish rack and the garbage can and mop the floor. All of this should take less than 20 minutes and will help you keep your kitchen clean and shiny on a daily and weekly basis.

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  • Monthly – clean out and wipe down the insides of the cupboards and utensil drawers to keep dust from building up. Also, empty out the refrigerator and wipe down the shelves and drawers. Check the dates on things and throw out anything that is not being used or out of date. Wipe down light fixtures to keep them from building up bugs or cobwebs. All of this stuff should only take about 20 minutes if you do it monthly. The more often you clean, the less time it takes to clean when you do!

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The 20 Minute Sweep


This speedy kitchen cleaning method is all about the strategy and timing. It may take time to perfect your routine and get the timing right but once you do, you will be beautifying your kitchen in 15 minutes or less. Here are the steps for the 15-minute sweep:

  • Gather all of your cleaning supplies. Figure out exactly what you need to clean with and put it all out, so you do not have to waste time searching for things or running in and out of your cleaning cupboard or cabinet to grab stuff. This is all about efficiency so make sure everything is out and ready before you begin.
  • Run hot water in your sink and fill one side (If you have a double sink) with hot soapy water. Scrape off all dishes into the disposal or trash can and then let the ones that need soaking stay in the hot, soapy water side of the sink while you do other things. This is called multitasking- your dishes are getting soaked while you can do something else. Saves you time and tired arms.
  • During the soaking process, you can do a sweep of your counters, cupboards and floor for trash. Get rid of all the trash and do not worry about anything else. Trash and only trash on this sweep.
  • Next, you can find all the items that are out of place and put them away. Only kitchen items though. Everything should be put away that belongs in the kitchen.
  • Now you can gather up the things that do not belong in the kitchen and put them all in one place (in the kitchen). We suggest using a laundry basket or a large Tupperware tub to hold everything. Do not try to run around the house putting this stuff away. Focus on the kitchen and just set this stuff aside for now or delegate it to someone else to put away.
  • If this is already too much, than by all means get in touch with .
  • Your dishes should be soaked and scrape-able now so finish cleaning them either by hand or put them in the dishwasher.
  • Now you just need to wipe down appliances, sink, countertop and floors then take out the trash and bam! You have a beautiful kitchen in under 20 minutes.

Final Tips

If you have a large family, this process may take longer since there will probably be a bigger mess to clean, but it does not have to be that way. Lay down household rules that will help people cut down on their daily messes and help you stay on track and organized. Another good tip for keeping clean is to clean while you make the mess. So as you cook, put things away, wipe things down, etc. This will help eliminate or cut down on clean up time afterward.


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