House Cleaning; Should You Hire a Company or an Individual?

Unless something is just not right with you, nobody doubts that a house should be clean inside and outside. Many people prefer cleaning their own houses. Others have no time because of their busy schedules thus leave such work to professionals. One of the most frequently asked questions is whether you should choose a company or hire an individual for this sort of work. Each option has its own advantages, as you will learn below.

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A factor worth considering is availability. With a company, you’re guaranteed the best cleaning services, whether 1, 2 or more cleaners are unavailable. A company has several employees to cover or take over from anybody who is absent for whatever reason. An individual, on the other hand, doesn’t guarantee similar assurances. If the individual cleaner is sick, you might have to reschedule or start looking for a different cleaner, which takes more time, effort and money.

Quick Turnaround

There’s also the issue of time. With a company, you can look forward to a clean home within a short space of time. The fact that a company has several employees helps a lot. Each cleaner can take care of a specific part of the house or perform a particular task. An individual will take more time, especially if he comes alone and has no help of any kind. If you need the cleaning to be over quickly, you will be better off hiring a company rather than an individual.


It’s impossible to talk about house cleaning services without mentioning costs. For the most part, it costs more to hire a company to clean your home. The reason for this is a company needs more personnel, more equipment, and probably more cars. An individual will most probably show up alone, or with one other person. Therefore, you will end up paying the individual less compared to what you would a company.

Number of Workers

The adage that there’s safety in numbers is worth remembering when debating on whether to choose a company or an individual. However, it’s also better to look at the entire picture and not just a small portion. For example, an individual cleaner does not have to consult any superior. The cleaner makes all the decisions. With a company, you have to consider that more than one person is needed to make any decision, which might mean more time.

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Licensing and Insurance

Another issue worth considering is licensing. For the most part, all house cleaning companies have all the licenses and permits needed to provide their services. Apart from the licenses, companies are also more likely to be insured. Individual cleaners know the cost of obtaining licenses, permits and the appropriate insurance. Several individual cleaners operate without all the documents. Do not ignore this factor as it could have a negative effect on your finances.

You have the final decision on whether to opt for a company or an individual. It’s better to choose based on the information that you have. Spend more time looking at this issue critically to avoid making a costly mistake. Look at your unique circumstances too before taking such a decision. Speak with the cleaning companies, such as Maid2Match Gold Coast cleaners, and individual cleaners to learn more too.

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