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House Cleaning Tips for Allergy Sufferers

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Cleaning Tips

A clean house is absolutely vital if you have allergies. Dirt or pollen can irritate your sinuses and you can easily end up having a bad day. Cleaning your house can get rid of those nasty triggers and prevent your symptoms from worsening. 

If you’re afraid that the dust, dirt, or strong chemical smells of cleaning products can make cleaning difficult, you don’t have to worry! Here are 10 simple house cleaning tips for allergy sufferers that are sure to help:


1. Find Out What You Are Actually Allergic To

Allergy symptoms can develop gradually over time, which often means sufferers do not realise that something is wrong. Symptoms can vary from nasal congestion and sneezing to more severe reactions like respiratory problems and skin reactions. 

Seeing an allergist can help put in place preventative measures for your allergies. These result in a noticeable improvement in everyday life for allergy sufferers. Common allergens include mould, dust mites and pollen. There isn’t a whole lot of point in putting preventative measures in place at home if you aren’t addressing the particular allergens which are affecting you. You could be allergic to pollen, but you keep your back door open and have a tree with pollen right outside.



2. Cover Your Mattress And Pillows

Where do you spend more time than anywhere else in your home? Bingo – your bedroom! The battle against allergies starts at the place where you wake up. Dust, dead skin cells, and other forms of dirt can build up in your bed without you even noticing it. In order to prevent problems with dust, you should cover your pillows and mattress with dust mite or anti-bedbug covers. Make sure to change your sheets weekly and air out your mattress regularly too!  

Having a dust-free sleep is a great way to ensure you start each morning without heavy allergy symptoms.



3. Get Rid Of Your Carpet

If you can, it’s best to replace your carpeted floors with hardwood flooring. It may not be cheap, but a huge percent of allergens at home tend to build up in carpets. Whenever you walk across the carpet, pollen and dust are released into the air all over again. Hardwood and other impervious flooring do not have this same problem.



4. Use Doormats And Remove Your Shoes

One of the most effective ways to keep pollen and other outdoor irritants away from your home is to use doormats. We absolutely recommend using two doormats instead of one. You can put your mats on the inside and outside of the doorway. This ensures that people clean their feet before and as they enter your home.

Another helpful tip is to place a shoe rack near your doorway. People can remove their shoes as they go into the house to keep the dirt outside.



5. Ditch The Old School Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming is one of the best ways to clean if you have allergies because it removes dust without unsettling it. Although, if you have an old vacuum cleaner it probably doesn’t have a HEPA filter. If that is the case, it may be time for an upgrade. 

HEPA air filters are certified to remove 99.97% of particles that have a size of just 0.3 microns. Having a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter can keep your home allergy-free by capturing allergenic stimulants floating their way around your home. 



6. Frequently Change Your Air Filters

While we are still on the topic of filters, it is really important to change the air filters in your air conditioning systems. The best instructions to rely on are in the manual that comes with your air conditioning unit. It will also specify the recommended amount of time before changing the filters. But if you’re a bit worried about opening up your air conditioner and changing the filters yourself, you can simply give your local air conditioning technician a call to help you out.  



7. Get Rid Of Mould In The Bathroom

Mould is a type of fungus that can cause respiratory problems and allergic reactions. It is especially more harmful to those who have severe allergies to mould. These small organisms thrive on moisture, so it’s no surprise that the most common place to find them are in your bathroom. 

The easiest way to minimise mould is to keep the room well ventilated. Drying down surfaces whenever possible can also do wonders to remove mould wherever they regularly build up. To make sure you get everything, it’s important to clean your bathroom tiles frequently too. To clean your bathroom safely, wear the appropriate gear and open up your windows when you’re cleaning. 



8. Make Sure Your Exhaust Fans Are The Real Deal

It’s important to check the vent fans in your kitchen and exhaust fans in the bathroom. Make sure that they actually extract the air to the outside of your house. It amazes us how often we see houses that have ineffective exhaust fans. If they aren’t working well, they simply recirculate particles and humidity throughout the house. For example, they could simply be sucking up the humidity and putting it in a spare room. Don’t forget to dust the vents regularly to keep them from spreading more allergens in the air!



9. Reduce Humidity When Needed

When it comes to actively reducing humidity in the household, you should invest in a hygrometer. These handy and simple little devices give you an indication of your house’s moisture level. If you are receiving readings of above 60 percent in any area of your house, you should consider investing in a dehumidifier. Moisture makes mould grow and dust mites also thrive in humid air.  



10. Use Safe And Natural Cleaners

You can reduce the number of allergy triggers in cleaning by using products from reputable brands or making your own natural and organic cleaners. You don’t have to compromise your health by exposing yourself to harsh chemicals in order to effectively clean your home. Some natural cleaners are just as or even more effective than those you buy in the market! Here are some common household items that you can use to clean your home:


  • Bicarb Soda
  • Lemons
  • Vinegar
  • Alcohol
  • Essential Oils
  • Regular Dishwashing Liquid
  • Warm Water


Hopefully, these 10 tips gave you some ideas on how you can keep your home clean from allergens, particularly in the hot and humid Brisbane climate. If you think the idea of cleaning the house as extensively as needed isn’t for you, be sure to contact our local house cleaners in Brisbane to give you a hand.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.