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No one is ever pleased when it comes to the thought of losing money. Same case applies when it is your bond money. Every time people have to move the first thing in their minds is always how they can get back their bond money. This is no unnatural occurrence as your bond money is an equivalent of a month’s rent. Some people have always felt that getting back one’s bond money is a rigorous process. However, to their dismay, it’s never really as hard as many people think. If you follow the right procedure, you will get your bond money back without so much of a hassle. Here are three steps to follow when you need your bond money back:

Right legal procedures

It’s a requirement by law that 10 days after paying your bond, that you landlord lodges it with the bond authority of your state. A notification will be sent out to you if your bond gets processed. If, however, you do not hear from them, it is advisable that you immediately follow up the matter with your state’s bond authority. Once you move out, you need to ensure that the bond is then moved to the new occupants of the house by the landlord. The process involves calling the bond authority and having the bond transferred from your name to the new tenants within five days of them moving in. your landlord should be responsible for this but if you arranged for a new tenant to occupy the house then you can as well do it.

Condition report

A condition report is always a tenant’s savior when they are following up to get their bond back. In the event you get a house and need to move in, ensure that you accurately fill the condition report which details the kind of state you found the house in before you moved in. once you have filled the condition report, you will need to get it signed by your landlord. Besides detailing the state the house was in, the condition report prevents you from paying for damage that was in existence before you occupied the house. The condition report is not only the best protection for tenants, but for landlords as well.

End of lease inspection

When your lease comes to an end, your landlord will need to inspect the house before he can agree or disagree to give you back your bond. Most times, to ensure that the house is as you found it, you will need to hire the services of our bond cleaners. Our work is thorough and we guarantee you your bond back. Once we take care of your bond cleaning and your landlord agrees to give you back your bond, you will need to file a bond claim form that both you and your landlord will need to sign. You will need to furnish them with the details of your bank account to allow them to transfer your bond money back to you. If, however, your landlord refuses to refund your bond claiming a lot of damage to the property, you can agree on a reduced bond refund so that the rest is used to take care of the repair costs.

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