Free Things to do on The Gold Coast

The wealthy believe that the best things in life cost money. They are of the opinion that one has to pay whatever it costs or takes to get the best. However, there are several activities one can do at little or no cost at all. If you doubt this, then a visit to the Gold Coast will change your mind. The Gold Coast has several free things you can do to enjoy your life, vacation, or time away from the hassle and bustle of everyday living.

Below is a list of the best free things to do in the Gold Coast.

Gold Coast Oceanway

Cycling around the Gold Coast Oceanway is not only a free but also cool, fun and pleasant activity. The Oceanway is nothing more than a network of different pathways running along the Gold Coast beaches. Cyclists and walkers alike find this 36km stretch of pathways a pleasant and unique way of keeping themselves busy. The Oceanway starts at Point Danger Lighthouse to the Gold Coast Seaway.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

It costs nothing to visit Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary for an opportunity to feed its healthy population of lorikeet. This does not mean that entry to the sanctuary is free. Normally, visitors have to pay $49 to see all the animals and enjoy a bit of adventure inside the sanctuary. The sanctuary is open to anybody who wishes to feed lorikeet free from 8am to 4pm every day. Visitors are only allowed to feed the lorikeet with sweet honey nectar.

Coast/National Park

The coast or national park offers a wonderful chance to people who believe in nature walk. The walk is not only healthy and good for you but also a beautiful way of exploring the surroundings. You will be surprised to learn that you’re not the only person walking or running in the national park or coast. There are plenty of options worth evaluating and choosing from depending on your preferences. Some of the places worth spending time running or walking on include:

  1. Federation Walk
  2. Springbrook National Park
  3. Lamington National Park
  4. Tamborine Mountain
  5. The Oceanway


If you fail to get anything else that’s attractive as you desire in the city, you should not hesitate to make your way to any of the Gold Coast’s beaches. You can never go wrong with the beaches. The beaches are some of the features that have given this part of the country the name – Surfers Paradise. The beaches appeal to everybody and not just surfers or water babies. Just remember to carry hats, snacks, drinking water, towels and sunscreens with you when going to the beaches.

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