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The Best 7 Free Things To Do On The Gold Coast

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Queensland


The Gold Coast is Australia’s number one holiday destination for a reason! Don’t let the title “Glitter Strip” have you thinking that everything will come at a price. There is no shortage of things to do on the Gold Coast. From vibrant festivities and cultural sites to stunning beaches and picturesque views, we’re here to prove that the best things in life do come free.

Pick up your backpack and get that sunscreen ready, because we’re about to fill your calendar with adventures you won’t forget! Here are the best free things to do on the Gold Coast:

1. Soak Up Some Sunshine At The Beach

Wave hello to the famous beaches that are loved all over Australia! There is no doubt that going out to the beach is one of the best ways to spend the day on the Gold Coast. Twenty-four hours is simply not enough to try out all of the activities you can have along our pristine coastline. The waters are perfect for a swim and the surf breaks are nothing less than spectacular.

Not a fan of the water? You can still have a full day of memorable activities by relaxing and getting a tan on the shore, playing by the sand, and watching the vivid colours of the setting sun. Couple this up with a BBQ and a few drinks, you have yourself a vacation!

Don’t know where to start? Check out this dynamic map of beach locations and additional information found in the Gold Coast’s official website.

2. Explore The Coast or National Park

Up for some adventure? The Gold Coast has its fair share of National Parks and exploring them is definitely one for the books! Simply taking a walk or run can give you some jaw-dropping views. You can choose to explore near the coastline or pick one of the many National Parks that both locals and tourists love. Either way, it’s free of charge. But we guarantee that the experience will be priceless!

This option is not just your typical nature walk. We’re sure that the plants and wildlife can take your breath away. If you’re looking for more action, our National Parks still won’t disappoint. Some of our top choices include the Springbook and Lamington National Parks. By trekking through the rainforests, you can find gorgeous waterfalls and mountain streams. Of course, we also fell in love with the Burleigh Heads National Park’s point where the coastal view left us speechless! Blow off some steam with a swim then end the day by relaxing at the look-out at the end of the trail.

view of the sunset along the white sands of Gold Coast Australia

3. Have A Family Day At The Currumbin Rock Pools

This locals’ favourite is a must do on the Gold Coast! In the Currumbin Valley, 15 minutes away from the beach, you can find one of the most unique spots to spend your day. With the number of activities you can try out at this destination, you won’t believe it when we tell you that it’s absolutely free!

The Currumbin Rock Pools can make you feel like you’re in a natural spa. Add in the grassy river banks, dazzling brook, and varying pool depths, we won’t blame you for wanting to spend the entire day here! It’s also the perfect place for a family vacation because of the picnic and BBQ facilities in the area. Make sure to try out the rope swings or rock slides. Just a few minutes in, you’ll be having the time of your life!

4. Go Lorikeet Feeding At The Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Have a soft spot for animals? Fall in love with the hundreds of rainbow lorikeets found at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary! For no charge at all, you’ll be able to feed the lorikeet with sweet honey nectar. Have your heart melt from these adorable animals climbing up your arms or simply sitting on your head. The Sanctuary is open to anybody who wishes to feed a lorikeet from 8am to 4pm every day.

If you want to see more of Australia’s wildlife, you can buy a ticket to visit the entire Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. You can pre-book a day pass at their website.

woman feeding two parrots with a cup of bird food

5. Fuel Your Creativity With Gold Coast Galleries and Museums

The Gold Coast offers the best of both worlds. Aside from the pristine views and beaches, the city offers a rich community of art and culture.

Get inspired by the latest exhibition at Gold Coast City Gallery. With art ranging from the mid-twentieth century to current artists in Australia, we assure you that you’ll be experiencing the best of the visual arts community. The Gold Coast City Gallery is recognised as one of Australia’s most prominent public regional Galleries!

There are also multiple other art exhibits and museums on the Gold Coast that offer free visits and tours. Try out a new type of holiday by taking a step back in time and immersing yourself in the rich history of the Gold Coast.

6. Have A Picture-Worthy Picnic At Gold Coast Lookouts

Watch the sky light up in the distance from one of the most breathtaking views you can find in Australia. Enjoy sweeping coastal views and the grandeur of the Gold Coast skyline by simply spending time at one of the many lookouts in the region. You can have a picnic or a BBQ to make the experience more memorable!

From May to October, don’t miss out on whale watching season! During this time of the year, thousands of whales migrate North, passing through the Gold Coast.

Finally, you can end the day by watching the sunset from the best seat in the house. With a cocktail or a cup of coffee, can it get any better than this?

breathtaking sunset view over a lake in gold coast australia

7. Celebrate Your Heart Out With Gold Coast Events And Festivals

The Gold Coast is a vibrant and distinct city that is sure to keep you on your toes all year round! The people of Gold Coast love to have fun. It’s no wonder why there are so many free events and festivals held in the city.

The events celebrate music, arts, culture, and sports – to name a few. No matter what your interests are, these festivals will be a fantastic way to spend your holiday. Keep yourself updated on the upcoming events with Gold Coast’s community events calendar.

A Relaxing End To A Great Day

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About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.