Our Favourite Restaurants on The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast may be known more for its beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and warm and friendly people. There is no doubt that locals and tourists alike love it. A visit to this delightful city would be incomplete without sampling its best restaurants. These restaurants are renowned for preparing some of the best Australian cuisine.

Below are some of the best restaurants that prove the Gold Coast takes its food seriously.

Etsu Izakaya

The Etsu Izakaya doubles as a Japanese bar and restaurant. It is the place to visit when you need to enjoy the best Japanese meals or drinks. Tatami booths, conventional tables, and bar stools form part of the seating options that are available to customers. The restaurant has several signature dishes and drinks, which include the following:

  • Mooloolaba prawns and scallops
  • Silken tofu (which is locally made)
  • Tsukune
  • Wagyu

The Fish House

Customers who rate their restaurants based on elegance and sophistication should never leave the Gold Coast before visiting The Fish House. With its simple and deceptive beachside dining room, you would be wrong to think nothing good can come out of this restaurant. Its meals are made using fresh produce and ingredients. Its fish and other sea food are quite popular.

Hank Dining and Bar

The main focus or theme of this restaurant is meat. Its meat-based meals are well-cooked and tantalizingly delicious. There is a 100 percent chance of you asking for more once you finish whatever is on your plate. The food, combined with the restaurant’s great design and beautiful ambience, will make you return with your friends and loved ones repeatedly.

Justin Lane

This pizzeria-cum-bar has proven quite popular with the locals and visitors over the years. The newly added space on the rooftop for dining and drinking has made waiting for a table a more welcoming experience. It provides a stunning view of the Burleigh Beach and the ocean where surfers do their thing. Its food and drinks are worth dying for too.


With its renowned and highly acclaimed chef – Chase Kojima – preparing some out-of-this-world meals, Kiyomi proudly stands as one of the Gold Coast’s best restaurants. Although still quite new on the scene, the speed at which the establishment has grown into one of the best in the city is quite astounding. Some of its best meals include:

  • Grilled octopus with some watermelon
  • Tempura bug with sambal and grapefruit
  • Sushi
  • Rosy lamb cutlets with delicious eggplant

Mamasan Kitchen Bar

Its Chef – Roy Choi – once worked at China Doll in Sydney. The boisterous, bar-themed surroundings will leave you convinced that you made the right choice in visiting this restaurant. Its menu contains food and meals from different countries in Asia. Its popularity has soared since the chef introduced KFC, which is short for Korean Fried Chicken.

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