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It’s your birthday. You decide to throw a small party for yourself at your home and invite your friends over to celebrate you turning a year older. Your carpet is the last thing on your mind as laughter and joy fill the night. As you turn in for the night, you are oblivious of the state of the carpet in your living room. The next morning you wake up to a dirty carpet with empty wine bottles lying around. You will all agree with us that investing in a carpet is an important deal but at the same time you can’t constantly keep changing your carpet every time there is dirt on it. At Maid2Match, besides our bond cleaning service, we also offer damage control for dirty carpets and cleaning.

Ways To Prevent More Damage

Worry not as you don’t need to throw away or have your carpet replaced. There are several ways you can prevent further damage to your carpet and household. It’s important for you to do the best you can to prevent any form of dirt from getting inside your house. Living in a dirty home can be the root cause of various diseases that could end up being life-threatening if not dealt with early or cause a dent in your pocket in terms of seeking medical help or replacing your household furniture. This you can do by purchasing doormats that you can use to dust off your feet before getting to the house. This will go a long way to help prevent dirt.

Secondly, learn to leave your shoes outside. This is a culture that can be cultivated throughout the whole family. Making people understand how much damage dirt in the house can cause will be an eye opener and a good reason to emphasize on this. Remember, our shoes carry loads of dirt due to the different places we walk on. The first thing you should do to prevent damage to your carpet is to vacuum it to get rid of the visible dirt. Ensure that all the areas that had any visible signs of dirt are clean and safe for your family or pets to stay in. Even though vacuuming is the first step in getting rid of visible dirt, it’s not a guarantee that your carpet is 100% free from dirt.


Vacuuming will take care of the dirt particles on the top layer of the carpet and not those on the bottom layer. As such, you will need to find a professional bond cleaning service company like Maid2Match that can fully take care of the dirt in the bottom layer of your carpet to ensure that you, your family and pets live in a healthy and safe environment. At Maid2Match, we will put your safety and that of your family into consideration by ensuring that the products we use are 100% safe, are environmental friendly and in adherence to the law. Our costs are affordable and rated as one of the best in the market yet we our professional team doesn’t compromise on the quality of work done. When you hire us, we guarantee you 100% customer satisfaction.


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