COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Cleaning Statistics

COVID-19 is undoubtedly going to have a lasting impact on our society as we come out on the other side.

The cleaning industry has been at the forefront of the pandemic since it began in Wuhan, China to it’s spread to Australia and the rest of the world. From worries about the impact of cleaning supplies due to panic buying, to worries from cleaning staff about exposure to novel coronavirus by continuing to work.

Below you can find a compilation of statistics around cleaning and the coronavirus. 

These statistics have been selected to answer questions such as:

  • How was COVID-19 impacts employment and recruitment of cleaning jobs?
  • What has the impact of Coronavirus been on supply and demand of cleaning supplies?
  • Disinfecting and cleaning: what do the numbers tell us about best practice?
  • How have people’s house cleaning habits changed before and after COVID-19?


The total views on job ads for cleaner roles was up 43% in March 2020 from February 2020.

Source: Maid2Match


The number of applications for cleaning roles was up 137% in March 2020 from February 2020.

Source: Maid2Match


Total Google searches by Australian for the search term cleaning products was up 145% March 15 – March 21 2020 to four week earlier.

Source: Google Trends


“If the {COVID-19} disruption continues, nearly half (43.20%) plan to do more of their shopping online.”
Source: Yotpo 

Commentary: This may lead to more people looking for online reviews on platforms such as Google and Trustpilot since they won’t be getting as much word of mouth recommendations due to the social distancing and stay at home requirements.


“Consumers are also buying more household cleaning supplies (+ 34.95%).”

Source: Yotpo 


Commentary: Sales of bleach will likely see a steady climb due to its recommended use as a cleaning product on hard surfaces in an area contaminated by the virus, as per the Queensland Government: 
“a physical clean using detergent and water  followed by a clean with 1,000ppm bleach solution (2-step clean), for example,  household bleach or hospital-grade bleach solutions that are readily available  from retail stores.”
Source: Queensland Government


““Prudent and proper use of disinfectants will continue to provide crucial health and wellness benefits in multiple surroundings, including homes, healthcare settings and essential workplaces”
Source: American Cleaning Institute


“The manufacturers of cleaning products, disinfectants, soaps and sanitizers and their ingredients are working around the clock to meet the unprecedented demand for these vital products,”

Source: American Cleaning Institute

  • “Regular cleaning and disinfecting is advised around the home to help limit the spread of the virus”
  • “Most everyday cleaning products, or even soap and water, will be suitable for thorough cleaning (although to kill the virus, a disinfectant is needed)”
  • “the virus can live on hard surfaces for up to nine days, but can be eradicated in a minute with effective disinfecting”
  • “most natural or ‘eco cleaners’ are unlikely to kill the COVID-19 virus.”
  • “Do not mix natural cleaning products with bleach or other chemical products. For example, don’t clean a surface with vinegar then follow up with a bleach-based disinfect as it can create a toxic gas”



Sales growth of cleaning products due to coronavirus?



How long does COVID-19 last?

3 hours In the air (droplets from coughs, sneezes etc)
4 hours On copper, this includes taps etc
2-3 hours Plastic items
3 hours Glass. This includes mobile phones.
24 hours Cardboard. Cereal box, juice cartons.
4 days Non-porous surfaces. Doorknobs, elevator buttons, lights switches, ATMs etc.

Source: World Health Organisation


Maid2Match conducted a survey of 120 random customers across Australia, in order to ask them a number of questions relating to how their house cleaning behaviour and routines have been impacted before and after COVID-19. Below is a summary of the results.


How often did you clean the bathroom before COVID-19?


How often do you clean the bathroom after COVID-19?


How often do you clean the door handles in your home because of COVID-19?


Due to COVID-19, how often do you mop the floor?


Do you clean and disinfect your groceries before packing them away?


Do you clean the inside of your car after going out for essential purposes?

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