Cleaning is a necessary and basic part of our day-to-day lives. We all have a list in our minds of what needs to be cleaned as part of our daily and weekly routine. This includes dishes, floors, carpets, surfaces, bathrooms and windows. It may come as a surprise that there is a lot more that begs to be cleaned within our homes.

Under Electronic Appliances

The area under the refrigerator and gas cooker is a commonly forgotten place. It never appears on our routine or spring cleaning checklist, and yet it holds a tremendous amount of dust. Move your fridge a bit to the side and discover this hidden detergent-free zone that is a serious hide out for germs. You will never leave it out again.

Mobile Phone

This gadget has become one of our basic needs. We are forever texting, calling, browsing and playing games on it. This gadget is full of germs. We should actually clean it at least once a week yet it never seems to make it to our cleaning list. Add it today and free yourself from this major germ avenue.

House Phone

Your home phone is used by every member of the family. Each person has a different phone technique. Some literally place the phone on their lips when talking. Hair oil, sweat, saliva, and all manner of germs get transferred to it. Get a cleaning solution and give it a thorough wipe down every week.

Laptop And Home PC


Our PCs and laptops are really dirty. We work on them as we are eating, drinking, talking on the phone, shaking hands with our colleagues and scratching our heads. They are in dire need of cleaning on a regular basis. Switch them completely off and using a wet cloth that has been soaked in a friendly cleaning product, wipe the screen, keyboard, mouse, cables and processor. Remember to disconnect from the power supply first.

The Oven


When was the last time you gave your oven a thorough cleaning? We normally wash the shelves and grill, but we leave out the sides, back and floor of the oven. Give it a thorough scrub the next time you are doing your weekly cleaning.

Take a look at this article over at wiki how on cleaning the oven out.

Under The Mattress

Flip your mattress and vacuum the back of it. It is one place that never gets attention yet holds a lot of dust. Wipe the surface of the bed as well and let it dry before replacing the mattress there.


These comfortable pockets of flax or feathers may never see any water besides drool in their short or long time with us. They can be washed in a sink full of hot water or in a washer with very hot water and detergent. You can then place them in the dryer or air dry them when it is sunny. You will love the feeling of freshness that you will get when you sleep on clean pillows.

For a more in-depth look at how to clean pillows, check out this guide from good housekeeping.

Ceiling And Fans

If you use a fan in your house, you will want to include the ceiling on your cleaning list. This is because every time that you put on your fan, the dust on your ceiling is blown and distributed all around the room. You will end up breathing it. A warm-water solution consisting of vinegar, ammonia and baking soda can be used regularly to wipe the ceiling and walls of your house.


You visit it every day, pulling out clothes and trying to match them together. For women, this is a favourite spot. This special place has a back area that can accumulate a lot of dust if we do not clean it regularly. At some point, you may find that the clothes you have not used for a couple of months have a musty smell and a layer of dust. This is a clear sign that you need to get back there and do some cleaning.

Trash Cans

You may or may not love to empty out the trash, but you do it anyway. If you did not, it would fill up and probably fill the house with a nasty smell. You need to clean this can. Even though you use a plastic bag to ensure that garbage does not fall into the can, you still need to wash it out to get rid of the dust and germs that may accumulate inside and outside of it.

Have a read of these lessons from kitchn on how to clean out a trash can.

Patio Furniture

Remember to wipe down your patio furniture every time that you clean your patio. Try and wipe it every time you see a layer of dust on it or at least once a month.

For more, checkout this guide from Real Simple on how to clean outdoor patio furniture.

Handbags, Briefcases and Wallets

Most of us are guilty of leaving out these items when doing our regular cleaning. Try turning out your handbag or wallet and you will be surprised at how dirty they really are. Make it a regular habit during idle home time to clean the inside and outside of your handbag and wallet. Wipe down your briefcase and leave it open to air dry so that it can be fresh every time you open it.

Door Knobs

These are great germ spots. They are touched by your family, friends, salesmen, guests and even clever pets. This is actually one of the places that transfer cold and flu germs from one person to another. They definitely need to be on your weekly cleaning list just for the sake of disinfecting them and protecting your family. Increase the frequency of cleaning when someone in the house has a cold.

House Plants

Have you noticed that the plants in your local bank, hospital, library and at the airport always look clean and dust free in spite of the level of foot traffic in these places? They actually wipe them with a wet cloth. No detergent needed here. Just use plain water and a piece of cloth to wipe the dust off.
These are just a few of the places that we normally forget to clean but which can contribute greatly to the freshness of our homes. It may seem overwhelming, but have no fear.

At Maid2Match, we provide domestic house cleaning services in Brisbane that cover these as well as other forgotten areas in your home using pet-friendly and eco-friendly products. We clean deeply and thoroughly and leave your house fresh and welcoming so that when you get home, you feel at home.

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