We are not just about cleaning your home, sometimes the best thing you can do to beautify things is to add some colour. Adding colour to a space can be tricky at the best of times. Here’s a quick guide about using different colours and their meanings.


ORANGE: Expands Your Thinking

Its vibrant hue reduces self- consciousness and allows you to express yourself with confidence. Add to a room when you want to feel young again. It’s the colour of laughter and celebration. TIP – Add an orange mouse pad to an office. Can also make a great accent wall in a child’s room.



The primary colour in nature it corresponds with life’s riches. It represents fresh start and growth, it will encourage you to honour your unique talents and manifest them in real life. TIP – Try adding a green feature chair to your living space or even a green front door.

deep green


Represents nourishment balance and equilibrium, also encourages stability. Use this in a space where you need rejuvenation. TIP – Try a green pot, vase or even bath towels.

light green

LIGHT PURPLE: Spirituality

Helps you connect to a higher plane. Purple encourages a fresh perspective on emotional issues. Use it at home to enhance your compassion. TIP – Try a purple cashmere throw, coffee table book or fresh bouquet.

light purple

DEEP BLUE: Efficiency

This will purify your thinking. You’ll be able to cut through the clutter and discover what is most important. It helps you integrate the big picture with the little picture. Wear dark blue when you need to make a decision. TIP – Try an oversized tray, desk lamp or even a feature wall.

deep blue


Light blue dissolves tension and promotes tranquility. It will bring ease into the home and harmony into relationships. Wearing or surrounding yourself with it helps calm aggressive tendencies and eliminates discord. TIP – Try a light blue headboard, curtains or even use on your ceiling.

light blue

PINK: Opens the heart

Gentle and soothing, pink is the colour of love. It promotes tenderness and comforts in times of emotional transition. TIP – Try a pink lampshade or table runner.


BRIGHT RED: Fortifies you

It promotes courage, fearlessness and stimulates you. Use this colour when you want to increase your self confidence. But remember a little goes a long way. Too much red can make you feel over excited or agitated. TIP – Try red accent pillows or picture frames.


YELLOW: Increases your focus

Yellow is known for enhancing mental agility and intelligence. it can help stimulate conversation and clarify thoughts. TIP – Try a yellow side chair or even a bouquet of flowers.



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