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7 Things Your House Guests Will Notice If You Don’t Clean Them

by | May 19, 2015 | General

Preparing for houseguests can be a very nerve wracking, time-consuming, and even fulfilling experience. You want to make sure everything is perfect for their arrival and anything gone astray will surely be remembered and maybe even gossiped about for some time. It’s important that, when cleaning your house, you keep a keen attention to detail. The things you miss, your house guests are sure to notice. You want to create, the most comfortable experience and in order to do that, you must make sure your home is decluttered and in tip top shape. Follow this simple list and never worry again, whether or not your guests are satisfied with the cleanliness of you home.

Be Sure to Clean All Windows and Glass Surfaces

Your windows are the first thing people notice about your home (depending on their size of course!). You always want to make sure you have clean window treatments, free of animal dander, dust, or stain. If your window treatments are a light colour like beige, white, or even sea green, any stain (though unnoticeable by you because you pass it daily) will be glaring to your guests. Water streaks, dust, and even spider webs (in the corners of windows) are very noticeable to your guests, and should be paid close attention to.

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Odor vs. Fragrance


The smell of a person’s home is what either lures guests to or away from the residence a second time. You must make sure that your garbage is free of old rotten food, and other food that can give off a rancid odor. If your refrigerator has a host of not so pleasant smells, consider cleaning it out and packaging any opened foods like that of onions or yesterday’s leftovers. If you have smelly shoes, be sure to put them away or deodorize them with powders and spray made for that particular item. Always be sure to freshen your home by, spraying your furniture with fabric cleaner, and using air freshener to rid the room of malodorous smells. Another great way to brighten and freshen a room is to keep fresh flowers and tropical scented candles around. Your guests will fall in love with the look and scent of your home and the fragrance they experience will always be associated with you in their mind.

Keep Up Your Floors

Floors endure the most because they get the most traffic. Whether your dog has come in wet from the rain and tracked mud everywhere or your children have spilled juice and snacks all over them, floors require the most attention. If you have carpet, be sure to “blot reduce” stains, vacuum, and deodorize. If you have hardwood floors, be sure to sweep/vacuum and mop using a microfiber cloth. Using any other form of tool to clean your hardwood floors, will scratch and scuff them. If you have linoleum floors, simply sweep and mop. Be sure to scrub any portion that has stains and are a bit difficult to get out. Paying close attention to your floors will keep house guests from noticing heavy imperfections.

Dust Areas that Typically Don’t Receive Much Attention

Though your entertainment system might get a lot of usages it typically does not get wiped down as often. House guests, especially those who have never been over before, are very observant. They are paying close attention to the detail in your home, and although dust seems like a minute issue it can become a big problem. Some people are allergic to dust and dander, and if your home is full of it, they may not make it over for a second visit. Make sure you dust ceiling fans, picture frames, and television stands. You will find that not only your house guests will appreciate this, but everyone who lives in your home will too.

Be Sure to Do Home Repairs

That leaky kitchen sink with the annoying “drip drop” that you’ve gotten used to will be glaring for a guest. Remember they do not live in your home, so they have not adjusted to all the unflattering sounds your home makes. Try and see about getting that leaky faucet fixed. If you have chairs that are missing a few screws, be sure to put in new ones before allowing a guest to sit down. If you fail to do so, they will certainly notice something is wrong with the way the seat is leaning. This task does not have to be expensive, just be sure to at least make sure things are functional before your guests arrive.

Throw Things Away

Old newspapers should not have a home sprawled on the kitchen sink, and the laundry doesn’t belong on your furniture. Be sure to throw away items that are not often being utilized, and organize all of your useful items. No house guest will want to return to a home that is filled with clutter, and lacks a clear place to sit. Always make sure your seats and tables are clear. If you want to offer a snack or beverage you need to make sure all utensils, plates, and cups are clean. Guests will notice if there is residue from food left on their fork or plate. No one wants to be served anything that doesn’t appear sanitary.

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Debug Your Home


Though not often talked about, bugs can be a nuisance in the home. The summertime usually draws ants, especially if you have small children who often spill. Spiders can be found in corners and the various different outside creature can make their way in the tiniest of spaces. In order to ensure you aren’t attracting the “wrong” kind of guest, always spray insecticides along the window seals and any other opening where they might be able to enter. Clean up crumbs that may have fallen after a meal, and always be sure to take out the garbage whenever it gets full. The foods in the garbage attract bugs and as long as the garbage is outside, they are likely to stay outside.

About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.


About Author

Sophie Franklin

Sophie is the subject matter expert within Maid2Match. Most importantly though she is our biggest fan girl and generous in sharing what she knows.