7 Spots House Cleaners Never Overlook in Cleaning Homes Perfectly

It’s common knowledge that many homeowners do not like several house chores. Cleaning the home is arguably one of the most hated. Nevertheless, everybody can clean the home well. Some tasks cannot be abandoned or left to professional cleaners alone.

Some of these tasks include wiping, vacuuming, and moping. Cleanliness serves several purposes. One, it keeps the home clean and ensures all rooms look better. Two, it keeps the home healthier.

Vacuuming the floor, moping and wiping are never enough. It takes more to make the house spotlessly clean. Changing the sheets and other bedding materials is never enough too. You need to know what to do, or hire a team of expert cleaners to do the work for you at a fee.

The following are the seven spots you should never overlook to clean your home perfectly.

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Ceiling Fan

How often do you clean the ceiling fan? The answer is probably never if not once or twice a year. Look closely at the house cleaners working in your home the next time they show up. You will notice that they never fail to clean the ceiling fan, which accumulates a lot of dust.

Under the Bed

Under the bed is one of the most often neglected parts of the house. It never receives much attention unless you’re doing spring cleaning. House cleaners never leave this spot alone. They clean this spot because it is notorious for acting as the place where the following accumulate:

  • Allergens
  • Dust
  • Dust mites
  • Swirls of hair
  • Dirt

Wardrobe Floor

The floor of your wardrobe or closet needs a lot of focus too. Your house cleaning task is never complete until you clean this spot too. Although it’s not easy to move the wardrobe, laundry bag, or shoe rack from its current location, you have no choice other than to do it to clean this area.

Windows and Curtains

Professional cleaners pay much attention to the windows and curtains too. Window treatments have a ‘magnetic’ presence that makes them attract dust and dirt. Opening and closing your curtains and windows often lets dirt inside. Clean all curtains and window treatments too.

Cushions and Pillows

Curtains and pillows are incapable of avoiding hair oil and sweat. These items, are notorious for the amount of dust mites they contain. Cleaning all curtains and pillows thoroughly is a lot of work; hence, the need for hiring expert cleaners, such as Maid2Match.


Cleaning your bed covers is never enough. Every mattress in your home need regular cleaning. Bedbugs and Dust mites have a high affinity for the mattress. If left unclean for long, the dirty mattress will cause your health to suffer and give you uncomfortable sleep.

Light Switch and Door Knobs

Professional cleaners, such as the ones found at Maid2Match, understand the importance of cleaning light switches and door knobs. Clean light switches and doorknobs ensure that your home will always be in pristine condition.

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As demonstrated above, clean these seven spots, and your home will never appear dirty or abandoned. Many other parts and spots on the Gold Coast need regular cleaning too. Watch and observe the cleaners at work to learn the areas they give more attention to.

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